Stories. We tell stories to ourselves every day.
But what if I told you the stories your people have been holding onto are holding themselves, their teams, and their communities back?
Yep. Read that again.

Hi; I’m Dr Beck

Pilot turned clinical psychologist, bestselling author, speaker, and student of life, on a mission:

To use a science-backed, heart and hard truth approach to helping big-picture-thinking people, live a life that’s fulfilling, unapologetic, and free.

Curious to know what’s led me here?

As seen in

Where heart and hard truths meet science-backed knowledge

Here is where old ways of thinking are challenged. Unhelpful deep-seated beliefs are let go of. And the stories that holding you or your communities back? Edited, reframed, and rewritten. Weaving together psychological science with honest, human truths, you’ll discover a framework I’ve personally developed grounded in these core philosophies:

360° Growth

Reframing fear into fuel. Leaning in instead of pushing away. A growth mindset is more than a short burst of motivation. It’s a forever welcoming of life’s lessons.


Belonging is a quintessential human need. One of humankind’s key driving forces. I believe in the power of togetherness, the power cultivated through belonging. And connection? It includes every. Single. Person.


The feeling in the pit of your stomach that something doesn’t fit right? That’s your intuition telling you that you’re not on your true path. Here, we learn to listen, believe, and trust our unique, innate wisdom.


And all of it. The whole past. The mistakes. The course corrections. Everything. Completely.
Because only through being vulnerable, can we become our authentic selves.


When we let go of unhelpful scripts, reshape the relationship with ourselves into something radically better, get out of our own way? That’s when we create true fulfilment. Integrated. 360°. All-encompassing fulfilment.


We humans all struggle with the same fears. Harbour the same self-doubt. Have the same inner critic. It’s not about shunning these parts of ourselves. It’s about understanding them, acknowledging them, and choosing to reframe them.


From my mind, to your heart

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That person who continually presses your buttons in the worst way and makes you feel like *you* are the problem? Yes, this book is about them.

In short, a difficult person is repeatedly and consistently manipulative, abrasive and unapologetic.

Difficult people take over our lives. They live rent-free in our heads. We steel ourselves before we meet them. We can’t relax when we are with them. We ruminate on their behaviour after they’ve gone. They harvest our empathy and operate without regard for our feelings.

We all know them, but how do we deal with them?

In her sixth book, Dr Rebecca Ray demonstrates how to separate the mildly annoying person from the perennially difficult, recognise and understand their ‘why’, and of course, the steps to take to manage them – from self-preservation and learning when to say no, limiting contact, managing our reactions – to knowing when to walk away for good.


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