I see you there: Trying and showing up and pushing through. Choosing forward over stuck. Holding your own hand when it gets hard. Learning to love yourself, first. You’re my kind of people – the kind that chooses brave. I’m here to help you seek, find, heal, and rise on your way.

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Be Happy: 35 Powerful Habits for Personal Growth and Well-Being is a collection of my favourite psychological techniques for thriving and living your best life possible. Presented in a gorgeous, easy-to-read format, it makes the perfect gift to yourself or someone close to you for a dose of inspiration and positivity in your life!

I’m Dr Rebecca Ray, writer, speaker, and clinical psychologist. I’m here because courage loves company. This space is an invitation to you to contemplate your true self, in its bravest form: The self that is still asking questions. The self that has parts yet to be healed. And the self that’s determined to stay open to the possibilities of a life inspired. I’m here doing the same. Come sit with me.

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