Essential boundaries for the festive season

For all it's shimmer and promise, the festive season can also bring a truckload of challenges for many people.If you're not gleefully anticipating decorating the tree and trying to one-up Santa in the gift-giving stakes, then you might be feeling a little, well,...

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A Letter to My Strong, Brave, Determined Self 

I know you're in there.   I can’t hear you because our Tired, Fearful, Stuck Self is louder than you right now. I know you’re in there. But I’m struggling to connect with you because our Tired, Fearful, Stuck self has me convinced of some old stories I’m easily...

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Hi; I'm Rebecca

Pilot turned clinical psychologist, author, speaker, and student of life, on a mission to use a science-backed, heart and hard truth approach to helping big-picture-thinking people, like you, live a life that’s fulfilling, unapologetic, and free.


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