An Overdue Letter to Change

  Dear Change, We Need to Talk In the midst of a season where you have been ever-present, I wanted to write to you and explain what it’s like having you around. As you know, I’m not the best at embracing you face-to-face. I’m not the type to welcome you with open...

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A Case for the Open-Hearted

When pain is indescribable, unspeakable, unmanageable, and especially, unwanted – what are we to do with our heart? What are we to do with the very thing that got us in this situation in the first place because we loved; became attached; cared; and simply, felt …...

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Say No To Hustle

We had a discussion over on Instagram this week about my strong dislike of the word “hustle”. In fact, you could say that I consider "hustle" a curse word of the highest order. It’s up there with the word “yolk” for me. Okay, I don’t like “yolk” because of how it...

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When Patience is Not Your Strong Suit

Patience is not my strong suit. In fact, I’d go as far to say that my lack of it has been responsible for significant frustration in those people that know and love me. But no one has been more frustrated than me because I’m aware that my being impatient makes the...

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A Letter to My 20-Something Self

Dear Beck-In-Your-Twenties, Stop worrying about whether people are judging you. Some are and some aren’t. The ones that judge are the ones that are blinded by their own insecurities. You’ll eventually learn that giving a shit about what other people think is a waste...

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Notes on Letting Go

It sounds almost poetic, doesn’t it? Let it go. Letting go. Let go. Let = allow. Go = move now. Letting Go = Allow yourself to move now. Despite how it...

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When They Don’t Understand Your Journey

When we grow… Growth. It’s one of my favourite topics for many reasons, but this week I’ve been thinking about it because a friend was talking to me about her struggle with feeling misunderstood on her journey. She explained to me that she’s done a significant amount...

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Rebecca Elsewhere

I write – sometimes a little, mostly a lot (because permission to embody creative living is freeing for doing the things I love most). My own projects demand most of my time, but I like to leave a small real estate space for guest writing in publications that resonate with me on a deep level. If you think that’s your brand, get in touch!



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