What If … Everything Turned Out as You Hoped?

  Tomorrow’s Forecast Looks Like … Your mind is neither a fortune teller nor time traveller, but that won’t stop it from trying to project into the future or cast back to what’s already been. Minds are constantly gathering information to...

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Hope is Never on Holiday

 It Started Off Well …You’re a little further on from the promises you made to yourself at the beginning.The beginning of the year. Month. Week. Day. Whenever it was, it was a beginning that you were invested in because something powerful was present:...

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An Overdue Letter to Change

Dear Change, We Need to Talk In the midst of a season where you have been ever-present, I wanted to write to you and explain what it’s like having you around. As you know, I’m not the best at embracing you face-to-face. I’m not the type to welcome you with open arms,...

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A Case for the Open-Hearted

When pain is indescribable, unspeakable, unmanageable, and especially, unwanted – what are we to do with our heart? What are we to do with the very thing that got us in this situation in the first place because we loved; became attached; cared; and simply, felt …...

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Say No To Hustle

We had a discussion over on Instagram this week about my strong dislike of the word “hustle”. In fact, you could say that I consider "hustle" a curse word of the highest order. It’s up there with the word “yolk” for me. Okay, I don’t like “yolk” because of how it...

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Hi; I'm Rebecca

Pilot turned clinical psychologist, author, speaker, and student of life, on a mission to use a science-backed, heart and hard truth approach to helping big-picture-thinking people, like you, live a life that’s fulfilling, unapologetic, and free.


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