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Difficult People

Difficult People will help you deal with the bad behaviour of difficult people. That person who continually presses your buttons in the worst way and makes you feel like *you* are the problem? Yes, this book is about them.

 In short, a difficult person is repeatedly and consistently manipulative, abrasive and unapologetic.

Difficult people take over our lives. They live rent-free in our heads. We steel ourselves before we meet them. We can’t relax when we are with them. We ruminate on their behaviour after they’ve gone. They harvest our empathy and operate without regard for our feelings.

We all know them, but how do we deal with them?

In her sixth book, Dr Rebecca Ray demonstrates how to separate the mildly annoying person from the perennially difficult, recognise and understand their ‘why’, and of course, the steps to take to manage them – from self-preservation and learning when to say no, limiting contact, managing our reactions – to knowing when to walk away for good.

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Good, Great, Perfect: Ditch Perfectionism for Good Enough and Succeed More

Good, Great, Perfect will help you ditch perfectionism to succeed more than ever before.

There are expectations of perfection you’ve been conditioned to believe in. You’ll never achieve this perfection, because you are perfectly human. Good, Great, Perfect will help you understand that there is a workable alternative; somewhere between good and great, a ‘good enough’ that will support you in achieving your biggest dreams, healing the parts of you that hurt, and making the right choices for your best life.

Letting go of perfectionism requires us to transform these patterns of unrelenting expectations into an inner voice of encouragement and accountability. Alter your focus from outcome to process, from winning to trying, from comparison to what’s in alignment with your own path. Break free from the prison of perfectionism and embrace the ‘good enough’ for your self-worth, self-talk, habits, boundaries, and success.

Good, Great, Perfect will help you let go of the pressure to constantly be, have, and do more, but still achieve your goals.

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Small Habits for a Big Life

Change is not about grand statements and sweeping gestures. It is about chipping away, a tiny step at a time, at the belief systems that hold us back.

Dr Rebecca Ray knows about the power of small habits to make big changes. She has turned herself from regular clinical psychologist into one of Australia’s most effective communicators on matters of the mind by introducing small changes into her life. Rebecca has helped many members of her large online community and her clients do the same.

In Small Habits for a Big Life Rebecca Ray breaks down the process for her reader. She explains how we can override the part of the brain that seeks pleasure and comfort (ice cream and wine) and activate the parts that tolerate some discomfort for the sake of long-term goals (an hour of study instead of an hour of Netflix).

Small Habits for a Big Life clears the way for readers to embark on their own path to change and provides exactly the right amount of support along the way.

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Believe: Debunk the Psychology Myths that are Holding You Back

Believe busts myths that are stopping you from making progress in your life.

Just be happy. Think Positive! Speak up, love yourself and fake it ‘till you make it. Practice makes perfect and everything happens for a reason. You get what you give and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. This too shall pass and you just need to let it go.

We’re surrounded by platitudes that are intended to make us feel better, but blindly following these common clichés will hold you back. Believe sorts through pop-psychology advice and outright myths to understand what’s credible and what are sweet little lies.

Dr Rebecca Ray, writer, speaker and clinical psychologist, has created a motivational and practical step-by-step guide to firmly establish the psychological habits, tips and practices that are worth your time and energy. Believe will help you live into your potential, define who you want to be, and manage the struggles that we all have along the way.

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Setting Boundaries

Setting Boundaries will help you define your circles of empowerment. It will help you understand that boundaries are not just about knowing when to say no. Boundaries are the natural result of knowing your worth, trusting your instincts and listening to your inner leader.

In the face of ever-increasing professional and personal demands, it is easy to exhaust your time and energy in ways that don’t serve your goals or values.

Setting Boundaries will help you overcome the day-to-day situations and interactions that make life difficult, like:

  • The consistently-late friend, whose repeated behaviour signifies their time is more important than yours
  • The partner who thoughtlessly assumes you will manage the home-schooling of your shared children
  • The work colleague who consistently ends up passing the undesirable tasks on to you

These ‘boundary pushers’ can leave you feeling stressed, drained or dissatisfied, but never fear, Setting Boundaries is your guide to taking your power back.

Setting Boundaries is full of thoughtful, science-based advice, demonstrating how to:

  • identify what your boundaries are and when they have been crossed
  • recognise the defences and habits that have failed you in the past
  • successfully engage in difficult conversations from a place of strength and self-kindness
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Breakthrough: Overcome Self-Sabotage, Achieve More, Be Your Best Self

Breakthrough will help you overcome self-defeating habits and patterns of self-sabotage that are holding you back. Connect to your values to become the sole author and editor of your life.

Set the right goals, create new habits and build your willpower to achieve the things you dream of doing. Overcome your limiting beliefs and fears and transform your self-doubt into confidence, so that you can create a life that is fulfilling, unapologetic and free.

Breakthrough is a motivational and practical step-by-step guide for your breakthrough to your best self.

This is an Audible Original Podcast and it’s free for members! You can download all 10 episodes to your Library now.

Episodes include: Self-sabotage, Values, SMART goals, The readiness myth, Habits, Willpower, Uncomfortable feelings, Unhelpful thoughts, Support crew, and Back on track.

Become a Friend to Yourself
The Art of Self-Kindness

My third book, The Art of Self-Kindness, is now available in all good bookstores, and online, everywhere!

This book is a beautiful complement to The Universe Listens to Brave in that it follows the same format of quotes, inspirations, and affirmations set within chapter themes.

The Art of Self-Kindness is here to honour your relationship with yourself. It focuses on how we come to be our own best friend, and the power of understanding our own worthiness.

This book is for you if …

you’re the one with sensitivity as a super-power
though you’re still learning to offer it to yourself

you’re the first to share a kind word with others
even when your self-talk is rarely gentle

you’re known for your generosity
but you forget to give to yourself

you forgive easily but not when you look in the mirror
because you hold yourself to a standard of goodness that’s honourable
but without the balance of permission to make mistakes

you’re the one who needs a reminder of your humanness
and the importance of holding your own heart as warmly as you hold others

you’re the one who questions your worthiness,
even though you’re loved, so loved, but not sure how to love yourself

you’re brave and willing
and you’re here, on a journey back to yourself
through the art of self-kindness.

How Courage Will Change Your Life
The Universe Listens to Brave

The Universe Listens to Brave is a collection of inspirations on courage. It was born because of you: the ones seeking and finding your brave. It’s you, my courageous community, that brought this book to life. For every one of you that asked if they could find my quotes in print somewhere, for every one of you that wanted to share the brave we collectively embody here with someone you love, this book is for you.

The book is designed with a stunning hardcover and beautifully watercolour flourishes throughout its 200 pages. Hold in your hands and you’ll savour one hundred of my most loved quotes across ten themes: Acceptance, Fear, Uncertainty, Healing, Courage, Hope, Rise, Trust, Kin, Journey.

This is the book that will sit gently by your side when you’re setting an intention, making a big decision, or doing the work of healing, grieving, creating, or learning to love yourself. It’s the book you’ll want to give your best friend, or your Mum, or your sister for her own journey.

I cannot wait for you to get your hands on it! Click to get yours now!

Personal Growth and Well-Being
Be Happy

Be Happy is my first book! It’s a beautifully designed hardcover that contains my favourite psychological techniques to transform your well-being and inspire you to live a life of thriving.

Be Happy is a practical guide for forming 35 daily habits that will invigorate, energise, and inspire you. In the book, I guide you through the four central tenets of Choosing, Cultivating, Practicing, and Making Space For the good things in your world. For example:

  • Choosing to focus on life’s joys instead of its hardships.
  • Cultivating a positive inner voice instead of always criticising yourself.
  • Practicing mindful productivity instead of multi-tasking overload.
  • Making space for crises instead of shutting down when things get tough.

Be Happy is a perfect gift for that special someone in your life who needs brightening. And it’s the best kind of gift to yourself in the service of personal growth and self care.