These resources are your stepping stones to growth for when you’re not quite ready for complete transformation via a course or mentoring. They will help you reframe. Challenge perspectives. Share vulnerability. And empower change.

Emotion Regulation Guide

Regulating feelings is a critical foundation for empowered boundaries. The task of honouring your feelings is one worth articulating, because it’s often spoken about in a non-specific and intangible way. Let’s make this as practical as we can, because the process is transformative.

By understanding how you regulate your emotional discomfort, you’re able to set and strengthen your boundaries even when it feels anxiety-provoking or frustrating, rather than becoming immobilised by the tension. Make the most of this free goodness!

Know your LIMITS

Boundaries are the language of self-worth.

To help you set and strengthen yours, I’ve made you this FREE DIY guide to understanding and setting boundaries. It’s a quick recipe you can use to implement boundaries that help you ensure you are living life on your terms and not giving away your choices or your resources in an unfiltered and misaligned way.

 The LIMITS formula used in this guide will help you define where your boundaries – your circles of empowerment – lie. Your connection to who you are, what’s important to you, and your self-worth are all communicated to the world via your boundaries.

Self-Talk Challenge

Transforming your self-talk is some of the most important and meaningful work you’ll ever do to reach your potential in life and business and the impact you’re out to make on the world.

Sure, it’s not a one-off practice, not a set-and-forget recipe, but by taking the step to enter these 5 days of learning and growing, you are making a difference to your mindset, and in doing so, your results!

It’s time for you to give yourself permission to speak encouragingly to yourself. To soften towards yourself. To have gentle conversations that are focused on standing in your truth, when that means you need validation and encouragement, and also when that means not letting yourself settle for less than you are capable of.

300 Life-Changing Books list

This is the book list of a lifetime! I asked my online community to comment with the most life-changing books they’d ever read, and then I compiled the answers into this list for all of us to devour.

There are books for self-development, spirituality, general non-fiction, fiction, memoir, classics, poetry, children’s books, and parenting books. Download the list, check off what you’ve already read, and then choose your next life-changing read.  

Done is Better Than Perfect 5-Day Challenge

Are you brave enough to acknowledge that striving for perfect is holding you back? 
We live in a society that constantly tells us that perfection is the goal. We are led to believe that not only is perfection what we should be aiming for, but it’s actually possible to achieve (say what?!).

Take this 5-day challenge to receive daily audio guidance and worksheets that will lift you out of the prison of perfectionism and into the forward momentum of progress.

Manifesto for Brave Living

I wrote the manifesto to put into words how I endeavour to live. It’s a combination of these values that I’ve found in you, and the rest of the gorgeous souls in this community.

The Manifesto is my way of honouring us, and the fact that we get up and live courageously every day. Frame this printable to remind you that every step you take is worth it.

Sound Bites of Brave

Sound Bites of Brave is your free 8-part audio series, delivered straight to your inbox for the next 8 days, beginning with Embracing Acceptance.

I hope you find within it a gentle re-direction for your heart towards peace in the present moment, and a deep balm for the questions your soul has been asking about where you are headed next.


Life lessons. Honouring our human experiences. And canape-sized take-aways. Hello Rebecca Ray The Podcast, binds heart and hard truths to create raw, authentic, and unapologetic conversations about what it takes to get unstuck. 

To get out of your own way. And to show up for yourself.

Be aware: feelings and intentional action may arise.


May this wallpaper remind you that you are on your way, even when you deviate from the path momentarily.

May it remind you that every step you take is worth it. No effort, curve, or pause is wasted because it’s always leading you back to a place of alignment and purpose.