You wonderful human, you! By gifting a course, you’re about to offer a loved one the chance to take a life-changing journey. Thank you for your heart.

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Looking to gift a journey of entrepreneurship?

Intentional Business Mindset Modules is a self-paced digital journey through 6 modules of transformative business mindset:

  • Possibilities over Problems
  • Confidence over Comparisonitis
  • Boundaries over Burnout
  • Abundance over Insufficiency
  • Intentional over Inundated
  • Resilience over reactivity

These mindset shifts are supported with 20 additional business templates and resources to help the recipient of your gift step into their potential to put their work out into the world.

** Please note that Intentional Business Mindset is the education component of my signature mentoring program, Intentional Business. The full mentoring program is not available as a gift, but these core modules are!


Looking to gift life-changing abundance?

Radical Abundance is a self-paced 4-part digital journey that will guide the recipient of your gift through the psychology of money to transform their experience of business and bring abundance  into their life. This course offers the support to pave your loved one’s path forward in business with confidence and courage. The gift recipient will:

  • Recognise the limiting beliefs that are robbing them of abundance.
  • Repair the unconscious scripts that are blocking them from their abundant potential.
  • Realign themselves with freedom and abundance and shift scarcity and desperation.
  • Rebel against the hustle and grind mentality to embrace ease and flow on their path!

overcoming self-sabotage

Looking to gift the power of getting unstuck?

Overcoming Self-Sabotage: from Paralysis to Progress is a self-paced, 4-part learning experience that is more than inspiration for a better tomorrow. Because inspiration isn’t always heart-deep, fire-in-the-belly empowerment. 

It’s more than knowledge. Because knowledge doesn’t always lead to action.

It’s about getting to the heart of roadblocks. It’s about being vulnerable, to allow for true growth. It’s about rewiring thinking. The false scripts you read from. The limiting narrative you keep writing into

It’s about confronting the hard and heart of it all, to align the recipient of your gift with their truth.

Because they are worthy. And brave. And they deserve to write their story with freedom.

radical courage

Looking to gift deep and enduring courage?

How would your loved one feel if they could dive head first into their big brave goals? I‘m betting they would feel pretty damn amazing.

If only fear wasn’t so loud …

But it is loud. Very loud. And it’s stopping them from reaching their goals.

Radical Courage: Transforming fear into Freedom is a 6-part experience that will reconnect the gift recipient with courage. It’s self-paced and jam-packed with strategies (that actually work) to helm them overcome fear and create the life they’re dreaming of. It looks like this:

  • Seeking Purpose
  • Radical Feeling
  • Intentional Thinking
  • The Empowered Path
  • Contagious Courage
  • Sacred Self