You’ve taken the leap to package your wisdom and skills into powerful content that can make a meaningful difference to many more people than you can reach one-on-one.

You’ve created (or are working on creating) incredible digital offers for your audience who are eager to learn from you.

But if you’re honest, it’s a lot more work than you thought it would be.

Perhaps it’s cost you more money than you thought it would. You’re working more hours than you were before, but for less than impressive results.

You’re not sure what you should do next; you’re overwhelmed trying to do and be everything in your business, and you’re lonely without others around you who get it.

Sound familiar?

The only thing you’re certain of is that it all feels very… well, uncertain. And lonely. And overwhelming. And exhausting.

You can visualise the life you want to create.

You know you can make a difference to others.

You are ready for freedom over your time, income, and life rhythm.

You have the passion.

You have the motivation.

You have the creativity.

Heck, you try harder than most.

The only thing is…

The business you want still seems out of reach

(without working even harder than you already are). 

Intentional Business has exceeded my expectations. It’s been fantastic. The mindset coaching has been really helpful and it’s a very cohesive group of women who support each other, which I love. I’ve gone from ideas in my notes on my phone to having my own website professionally designed and my first offer ready to be marketed. I would highly recommend Intentional Business. I plan to jump in again!



Stage 1:

You’re starting out, excited and passionate (but anxious and confused, too)

  • Wanting to package your knowledge and offer it to your audience but don’t know where to start
  • Struggling with structure in your day and prioritising your goals
  • Losing focus because there’s no accountability
  • Frustrated your lack of boundaries are giving away your time and energy
  • Paralysed by the fear of failure
  • Stuck in guilt around money and charging for your work
  • Don’t know how to get from here to there

Stage 2:

You’re in the middle and making progress (but overwhelmed and exhausted)

  • Perfect is your standard (and nothing gets finished!)
  • Getting caught up in self-doubt and imposter syndrome
  • Working harder, longer, and definitely not smarter
  • Spending most of your time working in your business rather than on your business
  • Trying to balance the effort of business with not burning out
  • Overwhelmed by doing All. The. Things. in your business
  • Wondering if you have the energy to scale your business to where you want to go            

Stage 3:

You’ve seen *only some* results (and you’re questioning if it’s worth it)

  • Feeling like you’re not good enough, that you don’t know enough, and that success won’t happen for you
  • Lacking in support from people who get it
  • Assuming everyone else knows the secret to success (but you missed the memo)
  • Questioning if all the effort you’ve put in up until now is even worth it
  • Wondering if your dreams, goals, and the life you’re trying to create will ever actually happen



Intentional shifts. Intentional action. Intentional impact. Intentional results.

It’s all yours with…

Intentional Business

A Transformative Experience for Entrepreneurs


the power of intentional business

more than a mastermind… it’s an experience

The shift you’re about to experience will change everything.

Your relationship with your business (goodbye resentment!)

How you look after yourself while making a difference to your people (see ya later, burnout!)

The confusion you feel about your next steps (oh hi, clarity!)

How you lead yourself and your team (hello, focusing forward!)

What you say yes to, and more importantly, what you say no to (it’s about time you arrived, empowerment!)

It looks like this:





Makeover your mindset to lead as the CEO you are, see the possibilities available to you, and to believe in your potential to make an impact on the world.





Connect with your unique voice and perspective – the one that your audience wants because it’s YOURS, and yours alone, and it’s the one they need to hear.





Set empowered boundaries to protect your time, energy, money, and spirit. Boundaries that support your business goals and the life you’re out to create.





 Reframe your money blocks to ensure that you value your wisdom, are paid accordingly, and that your business is sustainable in the long-term without burning you out.






Discover systems, strategies, and tips and tricks that will help you become intentional about your time and energy. Choose to work smarter, not harder.






 Learn how to get off the results rollercoaster and trust the process. Embrace abundance from a place of ease and flow rather than hustle and grind. 






Act from a place of inner leadership to amplify your impact. Understand how your unconscious attempts to hold you back so you honour it while still moving forward.





Shift perfectionism, comparisonitis, and imposter syndrome to activate your unapologetic and authentic presence. Step into the confident, clear, concsious you.


I recommend Intentional Business for anyone who is looking at taking the next step and who knows deep down that they have something to offer but is a little bit unsure of the pathway to get there. If you want an incredible group, this is the group for you. Beck and her team are incredible people and I think that good people are magnets to them, so I’m sure the next group will be just as incredible. If you’re looking for an amazingly supportive team to help you water and nourish your ideas, in a safe space, Intentional Business is definitely for you.


Intentional Business: The Experience is a 7-month mentoring vessel to take you from where you are in business and life to where you dream of being.

This intimate and personal experience offers you the support you need to pave your path forward in business with confidence and courage.

You’ll challenge the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

You’ll adopt the mindset you need to not just see your potential, but to make your potential your reality.

And you’ll do it all while being championed by Beck, her team, and guest experts tailored to your needs.

The question is: Are you ready and willing to bring to life everything you’re capable of creating?  

But if you’re… 

  • Not willing to go deep
  • Not willing to step out of your comfort zone and toward the unknown
  • Not willing to do the work
  • Not willing to be vulnerable
  • Not willing to be honest
  • And not willing to own your story; every chapter of it…

Then, this isn’t for you.

I was feeling so overwhelmed and exhausted with both life and business that I was considering walking away from the business completely. I couldn’t do it alone anymore, or at the at the pace I had set myself. Then I joined Intentional Business and found a safe space to process where I want to go in my business. Thanks to the program, I’ve reconnected with my vision and myself!



Hi, lovely one. I’m Beck.

Mum to Bennett. Wife to Nyssa. Pup parent to one gangly Weimaraner. Pilot turned clinical psychologist, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and student of life.

I’m dedicated to helping ambitious big-picture-thinking womxn let go of unhelpful unconscious scripts and become the editors of their own lives.

By blending hard and heart truths with a grounded, science-backed approach, I help trailblazing womxn overcome limiting beliefs and fears; transform self-doubt into confidence and get out of their own way so they can create and experience a life that’s fulfilling, unapologetic, and free, and contribute their unique gifts to the world.

Some of the places my work has been featured in include:

And this is my Integrator, Leanne

She’s an award-winning online business manager, integrator, a bookkeeper, an avid business networker and connector, a systems junkie, a tech lover, and a mother of two sets of twins with an uncanny ability to spill every single cup of coffee she attempts to drink.

She’s an empire builder’s secret weapon, and you’re going to love her heart as much as you’ll love her brilliant brain!

PS. Leanne usually offers her wisdom and skills for a minimum of $4000 per month. But you have access to her brilliance included as part of your Intentional Business experience (cue confetti!)



6 modules of transformative content on business mindset, taught live. We’ll explore possibilities and potential, self-talk, tough feelings, fear and confidence, boundaries, money, intention, resilience, abundance and a whole lot more. You’ll walk away with a new frame of mind and the courage to go for it.


We have a suite of guest experts to lead you through topics to elevate your business, ensuring that your burning questions will be answered! We’ll dive into specific areas including product, operations, marketing, profile building, systems … think 360 degree growth!


You’ll have access to both me and my Integrator, Leanne, for the entire 7 months. We are committed to helping you to move forward. Coaching, email, and questions in our private community … you trust and rely on us for honest,  heart-led support from beginning to end.


Live implementation labs that will provide you with accountability for actually doing the work you need to do. We’ll join live for two hours every month and Do. The. Work. A virtual co-working space with motivation and inspiration for focused productivity.


2 mind-blowing virtual retreats. One full day at the beginning of the program to connect, deepen your understanding about what’s holding you back, and clarify your vision for where you are headed. And another full day virtual retreat at the end of the program that will have you celebrating your progress and everything that’s to come. 


Enjoy access to all of Beck’s existing courses (Radical Abundance, Overcoming Self-Sabotage, and Radical Courage – over $3000 in value alone). These courses contain all you could wish for to get unstuck. You’ll have access to these courses for as long as they exist in my space on the internet so you can explore them at your convenience.


You’ll no longer be alone or be searching for people who actually get it. This carefully curated group of women will become your support crew and business family who will be with you every step of the way. We’ll share a private and exclusive community (using Slack) shaped by the safety to be vulnerable and show up as your authentic self.


Live coaching sessions with Beck to catapult your growth and results and to reconnect you with the impact you want to make and the dreams you want to realise. Once you’re a participant in Intentional Business, you are part of the family. We want to see you create the life and business you dream of.


A collection of tools, apps, software, and templates that we use and consider essential for getting the best results in business – all in one place so that you can access them easily and quickly. Again, we’ve done the hard work for you so that you can get your hands on what you need to succeed without getting lost down an online rabbit hole!


A collection of tools, strategies, and techniques that will equip you with the skills you need to develop and maintain the mindset you need for success – all in one place so that you can access them easily and quickly. We’ve done the hard work for you and compiled this resource pack to save you time, emotional energy, and practical energy!

Intentional Business is the best gift that you can give to yourself and to your business. Both the mindset work as well as the systems and the practicalities are so helpful. It’s full of amazing women who learn from each other and support each other. Thanks to the program, I have clarity about my business direction, I’ve just released my first offer, and I’m no longer paralysed by fear. I can’t recommend it highly enough.




MODULE 1 // Possibilities over Problems

  • Developing perspective
  • Widening your view to what’s possible
  • Identifying your next steps to achieve your dreams


MODULE 2 // Confidence over Comparisonitis

    • Shifting limiting beliefs
    • Overcoming fear
    • Taking decisive action


MODULE 3 // Boundaries over Burnout

    • Saying no so you can say yes
    • The most important boundaries in business
    • Preventing burnout


MODULE 4 // Abundance over Insufficiency

  • Shaping your money mindset for what’s to come (your success!)
  • Overcoming money blocks by recognising what they are and where they are holding you back
  • Stepping into abundance


MODULE 5 // Intentional over Inundated

    • Setting goals effectively with a focus on not doing all the things yourself
    • Developing systems and processes as a solid foundation for those goals to be achieved
    • Turning overwhelm into organised


MODULE 6 // Resilience over Reactivity

    • Strengthening your mindset for success
    • Honouring and stabilising your emotions to stay focused on goals
    • Continuing towards your dreams (even when it gets hard)


Please note, this course doesn’t constitute therapy and isn’t a suitable treatment for depression, anxiety, or psychological distress. The content of this program is appropriate as an addition to the treatment from your doctors and mental health professionals, but it is not designed to replace treatments for acute psychological distress. If you feel significantly depressed, anxious or are struggling with other symptoms of mental or psychological distress, please seek help from your doctor or mental health professional. 


“Hold on a minute, Beck… I’ve got questions.”

How long is the program?

We’ll be together for 7 months. We’re serious about supporting you to reach your potential. This timeframe has been specifically chosen for us to get to know you inside and out and for you to make tangible leaps in business and life. 

How long do I have access to the course content?

You have access to the course and the recordings of our calls for as long as the course lives in my space on the internet! 

Can I join from anywhere in the world?

Of course! Calls, interviews, and sessions are scheduled in Australian Eastern Standard Time business hours, but all of them are recorded so that you can watch back at your convenience.

Do you offer a payment plan?

We sure do. Contact us for details.

Is the program appropriate for me if I'm an employee?

No, sorry lovely one. The course has been developed for entrepreneurs. So, as long as you have a business (or even the idea for a business that you’re ready to take action on!) then, Intentional Business is for you.

When do we start?

Contact us for details of the next round.

Will I have access to you, Beck?

Yes! In fact, we’ll be spending so much time together as a group that you may just get sick of me! (I hope not). But it’s not just me that you have access to. For the entire 7 months of the program, you’ll have access to my Integrator, Leanne, who is available to support you with all things systems and strategy. Incredible, right?

** Please note that I’m unable to provide psychological treatment online and I don’t offer individual consultations.

How do we connect during the program?

The course is entirely virtual. All you need is your business, an internet connection, a smart phone, computer or tablet, and your gorgeous self.

    Will you and your team do the hard work for me, Beck?

    I wish life (and business) was that easy! While we can’t do the work for you, you can expect that the Intentional Business container, coaching, content, guest experts, and support has been designed to facilitate your growth while also saving you time, energy, and burnout from trying to do it all on your own.

      What is the refund policy?

      There are no refunds offered for this program.