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21 Days of Kind Conversation download as a gift

It’s time to do it differently.

It’s time for you to give yourself permission to speak kindly to yourself. To soften towards yourself. To have gentle conversations that are focused on standing in your truth and connecting with your values.

This guide will help you introduce a new internal voice. A voice that is comforting rather than critical, encouraging rather than judgemental. For the next 21 days, you are going to introduce into your life a new habit: Kind conversation with yourself.

It won’t happen automatically. It won’t be easy. But the effort will change your brain (and that’s worth it, right?). Because whenever you start doing something new, and you do that thing over and over again, you create brand new neural pathways in your brain, and over the next 21 days, these neural pathways will help you revolutionise your relationship with yourself.

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