A 4-part flight plan

to free you from self-sabotage and unhelpful scripts

Here’s the thing: having landed on this page right here,

there’s already a few things I know about you:

You're big picture thinking

You’re big-picture-thinking. You’re a go-getter. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are today. But you’re overwhelmed, confused and feel stuck in a business and life that always feels like something is missing.

You've got clear goals

And they scare you in a good way. But there’s a million roadblocks between you right now, and the place you ultimately want to be. The place you deserve to be. Because the self-doubt and procrastination always creep in.

You're hard on yourself

You know deep down, you need to get out of your own way but your inner critic is always nearby, so loud, so incessant, that you barely hear yourself think. An inner voice that actually encourages you feels impossible.

You are ready to transform your life’s narrative. 

And you know what’s got you here, isn’t going to be what’s going to get you there. 

But you have no idea where to even begin…

I get it.

I get it because I’ve been there too. Right where you are. It’s frustrating. It’s lonely. And it felt a lot like travelling through life with a foot planted firmly on my chest.

The procrastination. The negative chatter. The roundabout of perfectionism. The “you can’t”, the “you don’t deserve it”, the worthlessness.

 The roadblocks we unconsciously create for ourselves? They breed self-loathing. They feed the inner critic. 

And for me? It took 15 years. Yep. 15 years to confront my own self-sabotaging habits. I had to peel back the layers of protection I had built over the years. I had to unlearn the negative narratives I’d known too well, in order to rewrite kinder ones.

I had to get out of my own way.

And when I finally trusted myself to DO the things I’d said I wanted to do? Freedom.

Time to let go of unhelpful scripts. And step into the intentional, unapologetic, powerful you.
Join Overcoming Self-Sabotage today.
1 x Upfront Payment

$497 AUD


  • 4 modules of video + audio content (value $2,997)
  • 102 page interactive workbook (value: $97)
  • Goal-Getter Guide Bundle (value: $59)
  • 5-Day Self-Talk Challenge (value: $197)



4 x $137 Monthly Payments

$548 AUD


  • 4 modules of video + audio content (value $2,997)
  • 102 page interactive workbook (value: $97)
  • Goal-Getter Guide Bundle (value: $59)
  • 5-Day Self-Talk Challenge (value: $197)



The Overcoming Self-Sabotage program is a self-paced 4-part learning experience that is more than inspiration for a better tomorrow. Because inspiration isn’t always heart-deep, fire-in-the-belly empowerment. 

It’s more than knowledge. Because knowledge doesn’t always lead to action.

It’s about getting to the heart of your roadblocks. It’s about being vulnerable, to allow for true growth. It’s about rewiring how you think. The false scripts you read from. The limiting narrative you keep writing into. 

It’s about confronting the hard and heart of it all, to align you and your life with your truth.
Because you are worthy. You are brave. And you deserve to write your story with freedom.

How do we transform paralysis into progress?

“This course helped me overcome my perfectionist tendencies – I finally started my business Instagram! I’ve been delaying this for a long time, telling myself that my content isn’t good enough etc. I even did my first ever brand photo shoot – it was fun! I’ve also identified that my self-sabotage shows up when it comes to relationships and I have communicated this to the people who are affected by it. This course has empowered me to step forward and stop operating in auto-pilot. I would recommend it to everyone!”
~ Dimitra

We get uncomfortable. Yep, you heard me.

We peel back the layers of protection you’ve created over the years to create a future-proofed parachute that will take you from here to there.

The result?  

A business you love. A life of joy and abundance. A life of meaning. Bravery. Unapologetic action and endless possibilities.

This is beyond temporary change. It’s a lifelong trust-of-self, an everlasting understanding of your worth.  And the immeasurable ripple effects of living with intention.

It’s a framework that blends head and heart truths to help you let go of unhelpful scripts so you become the sole editor and author of your life and business.

But let’s be clear: this isn’t going to be easy.

And lovely one, nothing extraordinary ever comes from “easy”. 

Your life BEFORE overcoming self-sabotage


  • You see other entrepreneurs reaching their goals, but you’re stuck in a cycle of avoidance
  • You know you need to do something differently, but you don’t even know where to start
  • You’ve tried a stack of ‘pop psychology’ tips and tricks but nothing has worked
  • You’re losing confidence in yourself and becoming disconnected from your goals and dreams because you’re starting to think that it may not be possible for you

Your life AFTER overcoming self-sabotage:


  • Your confidence in yourself has skyrocketed – it feels like anything is possible now (and it is!)
  • You’re taking action to create the life and business you dream of (you’re actually doing it!)
  • You’re free of the unhelpful and unconscious scripts that have held you back for so long
  • You know yourself better than you ever have and you know exactly what to reach your potential

If you’re… 

  • Not willing to go deep
  • Not willing to step out of your comfort zone and toward the unknown
  • Not willing to do the work
  • Not willing to be vulnerable
  • Not willing to be honest
  • And not willing to own your story, every chapter of it…

Then, this isn’t for you.

I know leaving your comfort zone can sound scary.

I know being vulnerable can be uncomfortable.

Owning your current and past chapters truly and completely can seem like scaling a sheer cliff face with no safety net. 

But, I’m here to tell you that there is always a safety net.
And the cliff? It only looks so towering and sheer because of your vantage point. 

So, it’s not going to be easy. But it’s not going to be as hard as you think.

I’ve been on both sides, and trust me when I say: when you choose to be brave, your whole world will open up. And this magical, incredible, remarkable business you’re out to create? Becomes unimaginably better when you can let go of the scripts that have been holding you back.

You don’t have to go it alone. Because when you accept my invitation to overcome your self-sabotage?

I’ll be here to walk this path with you. Now, let’s get into it.

The Program

This 4-module program will arm you with the tools you need to stop self-sabotaging and start creating the business and life you dream of with self-belief in your head and heart.



Start in your own time, work at your own pace

Ready to join but not ready to start? No problem. I get that life doesn’t always align perfectly with opportunities to grown. Your timing is your timing (except mind the procrastination!) . The course is self-paced. You can start when you’re ready and work through the content in your own time.

Transformation at your fingertips

Digital learning means you can change your life from the comfort of your own home; with the dog on your lap and your toddler in the next room. Or from the cafe down the road with a cuppa in hand. Or while you’re on your morning walk or at the gym. I’ll meet you wherever you are.

Lifetime access to all of the course materials

Want to come back and review a module? It will be right here. Need to take a break from the course for a month and come back to it? It will be right here. As long as the course lives in my corner of the internet, you’ll have access to it, and any updates made.



When you unearth why you unconsciously trip yourself up, you can work backwards to tap into your mind’s potential to overcome the roadblocks that are stopping you from reaching the goals you’re capable of.



Learn to channel the energy you give to self-doubt, into self-belief. Confidence. The soul-deep knowledge that you are worthy. Capable. You’re in the driver’s seat. This isn’t about being average. It’s about using your one life the way you dream of using it.



Discover the transformation that occurs when you get into the driver’s seat next time your inner critic wants to take the wheel. When you swap worrying for worthiness. Guilt for goal-chasing. And criticism for kindness. It’s about supportive self-talk



Take back control of your story. Uncover the power of presence and write your life’s narrative with absolute clarity. Move forward with self-belief and clarity around your vision. And don’t just think. Take action.



Investing in the present doesn’t mean erasing the past. True growth happens when we own every chapter. Every line in our story. And when we do? We step into our authentic selves. Self-acceptance is a powerful thing.



Not just for now. Not just for the next year. Finish this program with an independent, growth mindset that will evolve with you as you grow and as your business grows into what you’re out to create.



MODULE 1 // Popping The Hood

Welcome, lovely one. This may be the first module, but in this course, we know that time is precious. We’ll uncover exactly how self-sabotage works, peel back the layers of protection you’ve wrapped around yourself, and clearly identify where and how self-sabotage is showing up in your life and business.


  • The What: Understand exactly what self-sabotage is so you are able to identify it next time it happens.
  • Uncover: We’ll take down the boundaries that are caging you in and discover why they won’t get you to where you want to go.
  • Identify: Identify how self-sabotage is showing up in your life and business to hold you back.

MODULE 2 // Aligning The Elements

We’ll dive into the ‘why’ behind your self-sabotage. We’ll unearth the unconscious scripts that you’ve accepted as truth, learn to translate uncertainty into intention, get deliberate with decision-making, and shake off self-defeating habits.


    • The Why: Uncover what it is that makes you self-sabotage so you can work backwards to identify the unconscious scripts that are driving your actions.
    • Decisive Action: You’ll learn how to strengthen your willpower to make intention-driven decisions.
    • Unlearn: Learn how self-sabotage becomes ingrained as a habit and how to reclaim the space it takes up in your life.

MODULE 3 // Putting The Wheels in Motion

Get clear on how to transform self-sabotage into self-kindness with science-backed techniques. Discover how to make the comeback greater than the setback. Overcome the self-defeating avoidance habits. Confront your fears with courage, and lean into a day-to-day way of being and leading that is fulfilling and feels right for you.


    • The How: Learn how, with transformative techniques, you can convert your self-sabotaging behaviours into empowered action.
    • Turn Discomfort into Superpower: Turn discomfort, roadblocks, and avoidance habits into a superpower that will take you from here to where you want to go.
    • Leap and Conquer: Leap over the self-defeating habit of avoidance to give yourself back time, energy, and fulfilment.

MODULE 4 // Taking Flight

Our final module is all about forward momentum. Even in the times when you divert from the path. Especially in the times when you divert from the path. Here, you’ll grow a mindset that is rooted in confidence, self-belief, and clarity. You’ll learn to change the tone of your inner critic into something that is kind, helpful, and accepting. You’ll begin to see your true worth, and show (all the way!) up for yourself.


    • Proactive Flight Plan: Plan for forward motion in all aspects of your life, from ticking off the small tasks, to moving steadily towards the big, ambitious goals.
    • A Strengthened Mindset: Grow your mindset out of a foundation of confidence and self-belief so you can be ready to field all of life’s curveballs.
    • Reshape the Inner Voice: Nurture your relationship with yourself by reshaping your inner voice into something kinder, more supportive, and one that will show up for you in times of doubt. This? Is so you can always feel safe, secure, and sure, no matter where you are on your journey. 

Expert-led Learning Content


Self-paced 4-module flight plan, every inch of which has been created by me. All-encompassing, each module includes written, audio, and video content to guide you on your path to becoming the sole author and editor of your life and business.

Expect strategies that work.

Expect an understanding of yourself that you’ve never had before.

Expect to meet the very best version of yourself.


And expect all of this to show up as results in your business in the form of abundance.


Goal-Getter Bundle: Printable Guides

3 x action-focused guides to cultivate courage, ignite empowerment, and ensure accountability. My Goal-Getter printable guides cover: values-driven living, goal setting, and intuition-aligned action.



Interactive Workbook

Interactive workbook to channel what you’ve learned into tangible, on-paper intention. Intention that guides action. Binds head and heart. And lays the foundations for a powerful next chapter. It’s 102 pages of Real. Life. Change.

5-Day Self-Talk Challenge

5-day self-talk challenge to rewire and reframe the conversations you have with yourself. Through daily audio guidance and interactive worksheets, I’ll share science-backed techniques to step you through switching self-criticism into self-support.



“Thanks to the self-sabotage course, I’ve clarified my values and set intentions for my life. I’ve started showing up for myself by doing yoga twice a week and planning time in my schedule to work toward my professional goals. But most of the change is in my mindset. I’m constantly reminding myself that it’s okay to be seen. And I’m encouraging myself to try and fail and try again. I feel lighter and more open as a result! It was a wonderful course that I would recommend to anyone who wants to spend some time and energy changing their lives!”
~ Jena


Step 1

Sign up as a student on the checkout page.

Step 2

Get instant access to the course and all the bonuses.

Step 3

Dive in and begin applying the strategies that will turn your paralysis into freedom!

Finishing the final module isn’t the end.  It’s just the beginning. Walk away with…



The lessons you learn in these 4 modules go beyond 1 month of clarity. 6 months of self-kindness. A year of rewired beliefs. Every element of this course content has been created to build long-lasting, continually rewarding lessons in growth. The big changes? Are rooted in mindset. And true shifts in the mind? They can last forever.



Once you’re in, you’re in! You will always have the resources from this course right at your fingertips. To empower you. To unstick you. To remind you of your untapped brain potential and challenge you to choose confidence over comfort. Freedom over familiarity. And power over passiveness. 



It’s not just about cultivating the courage to tackle your tasks. It’s not just striking things off your to-do list. It’s rewiring your mindset. Reframing your perspective. It’s choosing to own who you are, and stop travelling through life as the onlooker. When you own it, all of it, when you are unafraid to confront every corner of yourself, THAT, is when you will start writing the best chapters yet.


Please note, this course doesn’t constitute therapy and isn’t a suitable treatment for depression, anxiety, or psychological distress. The contents of this program is appropriate as an addition to the treatment from your doctors and mental health professionals, but it is not designed to replace treatments for acute psychological distress. If you feel significantly depressed, anxious or are struggling with other symptoms of mental or psychological distress, please seek help from your doctor or mental health professional. 


my 7-day promise

I have poured my love, care, and nearly 20 years’ worth of experience as a clinical psychologist into this program. I am so confident of its value, so believing of its worth, that I am happy to offer a 7-day money back guarantee from the date of purchase.

I get it. The uncertainty. The “what if”. I get it because I’ve been there too. Right where you are.

I even remember saying to myself “Who do you think you are for thinking you deserve more than what you have?”

The truth? We sabotage ourselves because a part of our unconscious wants to protect us. From uncertainty, the unknown, pain and fear.

But that voice of self-sabotage? It’s not going to help you grow. It’s going to keep you small, scared, and helpless.

And you? You deserve more than that. You deserve to experience life fully. To face the discomfort, yes. To overcome the pain, yes. And ultimately to experience abundance, meaning and bravery that’s waiting for you, on the other side of fear.

I did it. And you can too. 

Hi, lovely one. I’m Beck.

Clinical Psychologist. Author. Speaker Wife. Mother. Ex-pilot (really!).


I’m dedicated to helping ambitious big-picture-thinking women let go of unhelpful unconscious scripts and become the editors of their own lives.

By blending hard and heart truths with a grounded, science-backed approach, I help trailblazing women overcome limiting beliefs and fears; transform self-doubt into confidence and get out of their own way so they can create and experience a life that’s fulfilling, unapologetic, and free, and contribute their unique gifts to the world.

As seen in

Imagine for a moment, that everything you’ve wanted was already in the palm of your hands.

That what you thought was just a pipedream, is so close you can almost taste it. 

Imagine the power of saying yes to the things that stir you. 

And the strength you’d gain from saying no to the things that don’t.

Imagine the doors that would open for you, if you’d only let them. 

You would be unstoppable. You would be unshakable.

The things you love about your life and business? You would see with a new, high definition vibrancy. 

Imagine how doing this would transform not only your work, but your friendships, your relationships, your life. 

Here’s the truth: All of this is attainable. All of this is closer than you think.

But it all starts with you.

Your powerful next chapter, the business you dream of creating, the life you dream of living? It’s all right there, waiting for you. 

It’s time to flip your script. To start living the life you deserve. To step into your power. 

To write a new powerful chapter in the story of you.

“Hold on a minute, Beck … I’ve got questions.”
How long do I have access to the course content?
You have access to the course (and any updates or additions made) for as long as the course lives in my space on the internet! You can work through it at your own pace.
Can I join from anywhere in the world?
You sure can! I love the diversity of our community.
What currency do I pay in and is there a payment plan?
All prices are in Australian dollars (AUD).

Yes there is a payment plan! 4 x monthly instalments of AUD$137 (total AUD$548).

The payment plan option is slightly higher than the upfront payment option to account for the additional administrative requirements of multiple payments.

How long will it take me to work through the course?
You can work through the course at your own pace, lovely one. Most students comfortably work through the material in a couple of months. And if you feel like binging, you can cover the material in a few days (but like most change, it needs practise and application to create the transformation you’re capable of).
What do I need to enrol?
  • The intense feeling of tripping yourself up and keeping yourself stuck by not doing the things you really want to do in your life and business.
  • An internet connection
  • A smart phone, computer or tablet
  • Your gorgeous self
  • Your pet dog, cat, or iguana for couch company and moral support* (*optional)

That’s it. I’ll supply the rest.

Will I have access to you, Beck?
You’ll see my head in every one of the videos inside the course! And my team and I are just an email away if you have questions or tech troubles.

** Please note that I’m unable to provide psychological treatment online and I don’t offer individual consultations.

What do I get when I sign up?
Transform your life …

  • Lifetime access to all of the Overcoming Self-Sabotage course material (including any updates).
  • 4 x self-paced modules of audio, written and video content designed by a clinical psychologist (me!) to gently guide you in taking empowered action towards taking your power back.
  • A beautifully designed, fully interactive and downloadable workbook to help you take everything you learn and translate that into Real. Life. Action.
  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee

+ These bonuses are waiting for YOU 

  • Goal-Getter Bundle (Values Directed Living Guide, Goal Setting Guide, Action and Alignment Guide)
  • 5-Day Self-Talk Challenge
Do you offer a guarantee?
If uncertainty makes you a little uncomfortable, don’t worry! I get it. I’m committed to your growth and want to provide you with the best experience possible. I offer a 7-day money back guarantee, available from the date of purchase.
Join Overcoming Self-Sabotage today.
1 x Upfront Payment

$497 AUD


  • 4 modules of video + audio content (value $2,997)
  • 102 page interactive workbook (value: $97)
  • Goal-Getter Guide Bundle (value: $59)
  • 5-Day Self-Talk Challenge (value: $197)



4 x $137 Monthly Payments

$548 AUD


  • 4 modules of video + audio content (value $2,997)
  • 102 page interactive workbook (value: $97)
  • Goal-Getter Guide Bundle (value: $59)
  • 5-Day Self-Talk Challenge (value: $197)