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Rebecca Ray’s work has had a profound impact on my life. It has helped me to reclaim and honour my feelings, and most of all, find the courage to be myself and love myself. There is something about Rebecca’s gentle voice that reaches me. There is something about her patience and her perseverance that enlightens and strengthens my own. When it comes down to it, Rebecca is a champion of women’s voices — all our voices. Her work makes me feel better about myself, about life, and about the possibilities life holds for me. Her wisdom has become a part of the framework of my own values and is a vital part of my own self-healing work.

Monica Englander

Rebecca has such a way of capturing feelings and putting them into words so that others can have a voice for how they feel! She’s a master!!!

Julie Hillier

I love love love Dr Rebecca Ray. I first discovered her in one of my late night google scrolls (don’t we ALL do this???) looking for something, anything, to lift my spirits up and to find answers in the midst of one of my many depressive episodes. I read her words and they just resonated with me instantly. That was a couple of years ago now and her words are resonating with me still. She teaches me that it is absolutely okay to listen to my inner voice and to honour it without judgement. To rest when I need to. To go when I feel the energy to. But always to love myself and those around me. I cannot wait to meet her and hug her one day. She has enhanced my life in so many ways. She is real. She totally gets it. I am so very glad to have found her. You will be glad too!

Michelle Roberts