Hello Rebecca Ray is our collective home for courage, growth, and connection.


In each episode, you’ll find inspiration and encouragement to put your work out into the world – unapologetically and authentically.

We’ll get practical with tips and skill-building on everything from managing intense feelings, reframing negative self-talk, moving past perfectionism, and all things business and creative mindset.

And I promise you real, vulnerable, and raw conversation on the realities of living bravely and meaningfully, while making room for the challenges and discomfort that show up when we do hard things.

Grab your headphones, get comfortable, and join me for a chat. We need to talk … because the world needs what you’ve got.


Episode #0: Welcome to Hello Rebecca Ray, The Podcast


Welcome to Hello Rebecca Ray! My new podcast is finally here. Hooray! Lovely ones, welcome to episode zero of my new podcast. I’m here to help you go further than your mind is telling you that you can go. I’m here to help you harness your radical courage, overcome self-sabotage, and step into the most authentic version of yourself. This is pop-psychology-free zone. You’re going to learn real psychological skills to leap out of your comfort zone, live by your values, and navigate the difficult parts of being a creator, entrepreneur, change-maker, and human. You can listen here.

Episode #1: How I Failed My Way Here


In Episode #1, I want to take you on a journey that walks through how I’ve previously defined failure and how that definition has changed. From become a pilot, to burning out, to creating a new paradigm for my work and career, this episode will have you reflecting on things you’ve considered as failures in the past, and will help you reframe them in a way that empowers you. You can listen here.

Episode #2: How Not Letting Go is Holding You Back


Episode #2 is about stickiness. Specifically, how we get stuck in the past and how it prevents us from moving forward. Because I know you’re committed to the future you’re trying to create for yourself. I’m betting that you think about it all the time. There’s just one small problem: You have to let go of the past in order to greet the future. And this is where things get complicated. Here’s what I know (and what I don’t know) about letting go to free yourself to live forward. You can listen here.

Hello Rebecca Ray episode 3

Episode #3: Perfectionism has a Purpose


In Episode #3 I’m taking on a pesky little thing called perfectionism. We live in a society that constantly tells us that perfection is the goal. We are led to believe that not only is perfection what we should be aiming for, but it’s actually possible to achieve. And if you’re like most of us, these kinds of false pretences will have you reaching for your wallet to purchase everything from weight loss products to money-making gimmicks to cellulite smoothers and guaranteed promises of ever-lasting happiness. But the thing is, perfection is impossible. It’s not there for no reason, though. In this episode we’ll look at the purpose of perfectionism, and the 5 steps you can take to release it. You can listen here. 

Hello Rebecca Ray episode 3

Episode #4 Part 1: But What Will They Think of Me? Tips for Overcoming the Fear of Judgement


In Episode 4, we dive into Part 1 of our discussion on the fear of judgement. In this episode, I’m going to show you how the fear of judgement gets encoded into the brain, and explain why we do it even though it’s not always helpful. There may also be a story about a little girl at a highland dancing competition who was convinced she made a fool of herself! You can Listen here.

Hello Rebecca Ray episode 3

Episode #5 Part 2: But What Will They Think of Me? Tips for Overcoming the Fear of Judgement

In this episode, I’m diving into part 2 of overcoming the fear of judgement and looking at seven practical steps you can take to continue tocreate and contribute your work to the world without judgement taking away your power. You can Listen here.


Hello Rebecca Ray episode 3

Episode #6: When Your Life/Business Timeline isResponsible for Your Dissatisfaction (and What You Can Do Instead)

In Episode 6,I talk about how the life and business timelines we create for ourselves (thanks to ourconditioning and exposure to culture and media) keep us stuck, stop us from celebrating our progress, and result in bitterness and disappointment. Most importantly, I have some suggestions on what you can do instead of tying yourself in knots about what you should have achieved by the time you’re 30. You can listen here.


Hello Rebecca Ray episode 3

Episode #7 Permission (And why the only person you need it from is you)

In Episode 7,I talk what it means to seek permission (and how this can keep you stuck), as well as what it means to free yourself to live on your own terms by giving yourself permission )rather than waiting around for someone else’s approval). Most importantly, I have some suggestions on the 10 areas where you can give yourself permission right now that will boost your well-being, connection with yourself, and alignment with your values. You can listen here.


Hello Rebecca Ray episode 3

Episode #8 The Business Numbers that are Not Spoken About

In Episode 8, we get real about business numbers  mainly because I’m sick to death of hearing people only tell part of the story when it comes to business and revenue! So, I want to share with you the numbers that have gotten me to where I am so that you can be realistic when it comes to your own offerings and expectations in business. You can listen here.


Hello Rebecca Ray episode 3

Episode #9 The Evolution of My Creative Process (i.e. I can write a book without crying now!)

In Episode 9, I dive into how my creative process has evolved over time (years, that is). I wanted to reflect on how damaging my creative process used to be, simply because I made it so, and how different it is now since I’ve consciously chosen not to buy into the idea that creating must be H.A.R.D. Here’s to ease, patience, and trust. You can listen here.

Hello Rebecca Ray episode 3

Episode #10 How do I figure out what my purpose/thing is?

In Episode 10, we’re tackling the task of figuring out what your ‘thing’ is. Sometimes called your passion or purpose, where going to dive into the monumental feat that is deciding what you want to do with your lifeSpoiler alert: I’m going to debunk the myth that we must have a passion or purpose in order to live a brave and meaningful life. But while doing that, I’m also going to give you my top 5 tips for figuring out what you want to do (for those of you that love instructions and steps like me!) You can listen here.

Hello Rebecca Ray episode 3

Episode #11 – 3 Steps to Managing Your Inner Critic

In Episode 11, we’re going to get intimate with your inner critic: why it’s there, why you can’t shutit up, and what you can do about it so that it doesn’t stop you In your tracks. Spoiler alert: it’s notabout deleting this voice from your internal experiences (I wish it was that easy!). But there is a waythat you can release yourself fromitsclutches, and that’s what we’ll explore in this episode. You can listen here.