Goal-Setting Guide




Goal-Setting Guide – Empowered Planning for What Matters Most

Ever get a sense that time moves too quickly? It’s so easy to get caught up in our day-to-day activities that we forget to stop and look at the big picture. We forget to take stock and reflect on where we are headed, and work out if the path we are on is in the direction of our values.

As a psychologist (and as a human), I’m a big fan of goals because they help us to flourish. They represent something tangible that we are working towards, something that we have identified that we want to achieve. They help to prioritise and structure our time, as well as to focus our attention and increase our persistence. Goals help us define who we are by creating a long term vision. And of course, they give us something to look forward to!

But getting from A to B is a little more convoluted than we usually first imagine, what with motivation being unreliable and all the other competing life demands that crop up along the way. Using this guide, you’ll learn the powerful “SMART” goal formula which will help you to set goals that are your most productive, valuable and achievable yet!

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