Watercolour Printables Bundle




Inspirational Quote Bundle

Set of 6 Printables of Rebecca Ray’s most popular quotes, hand-lettered in stunning watercolour, black-on-white. Add inspiration to your wall or workspace, or gift it to a friend! The set includes 6 x A4 downloadable prints that will be sent straight to your inbox ready to print and frame.

Images are for display purposes only.

Quotes include:

She Carried On:

It hurt. And she carried on.
It failed. And she carried on.
It broke. And she carried on.
She carried on. And it passed.
She carried on. And it changed.
She carried on and it was beautiful.

The Universe Listens to Brave:

She was never quite ready.
But she was brave.
And the Universe listens to brave.

Daily Choices:

Daily choices:
·        Presence over hustle
·        Community over competition
·        Flow over force
·        Compassion over judgement
·        Acceptance over struggle
·        Progress over perfection
·        Brave over stuck

A Place Within:

She found a place within
that’s soft and forgiving
and respectful and brave.
She lives there now.

Her Transformation:

Never underestimate her transformation
just because you can’t see it.
The cover may look the same,
while her story is being completely rewritten.

Heart Mind Soul:

Heart:   “Follow me.”
Mind:    “Can I see the map?”
Soul:      “I trust you.”

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