You’ve taken the leap into business.

Into owning your time.

Into doing what you love.

Into making an impact and helping others.

Into creating a life for yourself (and your family) outside of the average 9 – 5 model with less than a handful of weeks off per year.

Into abundance: of time, energy, and … you had hoped … money.

But if you’re honest, your experience has been far less abundant and far more coloured by scarcity. And your spreadsheets have been far more red and far less black than you’d like. And you feel far more burnt out and far less brave than you’d like.

Your numbers don’t look like the numbers that you hear other entrepreneurs mention in their ‘success stories’.

You’re not sure what you’re doing wrong, but it looks like money will always be hard to come by.

Sound familiar?

The only thing you’re certain of is that it feels like you’re not good enough for abundance. Money is not there for you, and it’s hard to trust that anything will change that.

You can visualise the life you want to create.

You are ready for freedom over your time, income, and life rhythm.

You want to feel worthy (finally) of money. You want to charge for the true value that you offer (without apologising for the price).

 You want a relationship with money that is defined by fun and lightness, not pain and lack. You want to act from a place of ease and flow.

You want to release the stress around money coming in and then going straight back out.

You want life-changing abundance.

The only thing is …



It’s easier said than done. In fact, it feels really bloody hard. 

how do you get there?


It’s not about thinking positive.

It’s not about fine-tuning your manifesting technique.

It’s not about landing on a perfect marketing strategy.

It’s not about raising your vibration.

It’s about …


Mastering the Psychology of Money

fall in love with money

The shift you’re about to experience will change everything.

Your relationship with money (goodbye scarcity!).

How you respond to your money fears (see ya later, self-doubt!).

The confusion you feel about why you’re not seeing results (oh hi, clarity!).

How you see your own worthiness (welcome to the party, self-validation!).

Your ability to see possibilities where you once only saw problems (it’s about time you arrived, empowerment!).


READY TO for your life of ABUNDANCE?

Join Radical Abundance today.

1 x Upfront Payment

$497 AUD


  • 4 modules of video + audio content (value $2,997)
  • Masterclass: Ease & Flow – Abundance without Burnout (value: $47)
  • Goal-Getter Guide Bundle (value: $59)
  • 67 page interactive workbook (value: $97)
  • 5-day Self-Talk Challenge (value: $197)

TOTAL VALUE: $3,390 +

4 x $137 Monthly Payments

$548 AUD


  • 4 modules of video + audio content (value $2,997)
  • Masterclass: Ease & Flow – Abundance without Burnout (value: $47)
  • Goal-Getter Guide Bundle (value: $59)
  • 67 page interactive workbook (value: $97)
  • 5-day Self-Talk Challenge (value: $197)

TOTAL VALUE: $3,390 +




  • Creating awareness around your money blocks
  • Discovering how your relationship with money has been shaped (and how it’s currently holding you back)
  • Identifying your triggers for falling into scarcity, and how these patterns show up in your unconscious over and over again (until you learn to approach abundance differently)



  • Unlearn the scarcity habits that are leading you to act out of fear (if you take action at all – sometimes, scarcity leads to emotional paralysis, not action)
  • Interrupt your unconscious scripts to repattern your approach to money
  • Repair your relationship with yourself so that you can step into abundance from a place of worthiness



  • Redefine your relationship with money and abundance so that you embrace it rather than resist it
  • Lean into the feeling of abundance and allowing money to be present in your life without unconscious scripts colouring your experience
  • Learn to see abundance where you’ve previously been focused on lack
  • Realign your time, energy, effort, and output as deserving of being valued



  • Reject the cultural pressure that you must ‘hustle and grind’ in order to reach a state of abundance or make money, and instead, work and create from a place of ease and flow
  • Refuse to be driven by your unconscious scripts that don’t belong to you (especially those passed down from generations before you)
  • Rebel against the notion that money is hard and instead, live into your potential where there is more than enough to go around


Radical Abundance is a self-paced digital journey that will guide you through the psychology of money to transform your experience of business and bring abundance into your life as a whole.

This journey offers you the support you need to pave your path forward in business with confidence and courage.

You’ll challenge the limiting beliefs that are robbing you of abundance.

You’ll adopt the mindset you need to not just see your potential, but to make your potential your reality.

And you’ll do it all while developing a strong sense of your personal value and worthiness, so that money no longer feels like something only other people get to have.

The question is: Are you ready for a life of Radical Abundance?  

On a serious note, if you’re… 

Not willing to go deep

Not willing to step out of your comfort zone and toward the unknown

Not willing to do the work

Not willing to be vulnerable

Not willing to be honest

And not willing to own your story. Every chapter of it…

Then, this isn’t for you.

Ready for a life of radical abundance?

1 x Upfront Payment

$497 AUD

4 x $137 Monthly Payments

$548 AUD


Start in your own time, work at your own pace

Ready to join but not ready to start? No problem. I get that life doesn’t always align perfectly with opportunities to grow. Your timing is your timing (mind the procrastination!) . The course will be here for you to start when it suits you, and when you can fully concentrate on cultivating a life of radical abundance.

Transformation at your fingertips

Digital learning means you can change your life from the comfort of your own home; with the dog on your lap and your toddler in the next room. Or from a café with a cuppa in hand. Or while you’re on your morning walk or at the gym. I’ll meet you where you are, no matter what your choice of beverage is! (Earl grey tea for me, please).

Lifetime access to all of the course materials

Want to come back and review a module? It will be right here. Need to take a break from the course for a little while because life has happened? It will be right here when you come back to it. As long as the course lives in my corner of the internet, you’ll have access to it, and any updates made.


Hi, lovely one. I’m Beck.

Mum to Bennett. Wife to Nyssa. Pup parent to one gangly Weimaraner. Pilot turned clinical psychologist, entrepreneur, educator, author, speaker, and student of life.

I’m dedicated to helping ambitious big-picture-thinking womxn let go of unhelpful unconscious scripts and become the editors of their own lives.

By blending hard and heart truths with a grounded, science-backed approach, I help trailblazing womxn overcome limiting beliefs and fears; transform self-doubt into confidence and get out of their own way so they can create and experience a life that’s fulfilling, unapologetic, and free, and contribute their unique gifts to the world.

Most importantly, I’m passionate about abundance and your potential to create it. I want to see you make great money so you can live the life of your dreams and make the impact on the world that you are here to make.

Some of the places my work has been featured in include:


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Please note, this course doesn’t constitute therapy and isn’t a suitable treatment for depression, anxiety, or psychological distress. The content of this program is appropriate as an addition to the treatment from your doctors and mental health professionals, but it is not designed to replace treatments for acute psychological distress. If you feel significantly depressed, anxious or are struggling with other symptoms of mental or psychological distress, please seek help from your doctor or mental health professional. 




4 modules of transformative content to help you master the psychology of money and welcome abundance into your business and life. 

real. life. action workbook

A 67-page interactive workbook that will ensure you turn what you learn (and unlearn) into abundance in real life, releasing scarcity one money block at a time. 

+ Even more BONUSES!

Goal-Getter Bundle: Printable Guides


3 x action-focused guides to cultivate abundance, ignite empowerment, and ensure accountability. My Goal-Getter printable guides cover: values-driven living, goal setting, and intuition-aligned action. You want real change? This is how you make it happen.



Masterclass: Ease & Flow - Abundance without Burnout

A phenomenal masterclass on how you can cultivate abundance without sacrificing your energy and ending up burnt out. This masterclass is 1 hour 45 mins long and it’s exactly what you need if you’re currently overwhelmed and under-resourced.

5-Day Self-Talk Challenge


5-day self-talk challenge to rewire and reframe the conversations you have with yourself. Through daily audio guidance, I’ll share science-backed techniques to step you through switching self-criticism into self-support. You’ll also receive *BONUS* worksheets.


my 7-day promise


I have poured my love, care, and nearly 20 years’ worth of experience as a clinical psychologist into this program. I am so confident of its value, so believing of its worth, that I am happy to offer a 7-day money back guarantee from the date of purchase.

I get it. The uncertainty. The “what if”.

I get it because I’ve been there too. Right where you are.

I even remember saying to myself “Who do you think you are for thinking you deserve more than what you have?”

The truth? We sabotage ourselves because a part of our unconscious wants to protect us. From uncertainty, the unknown, pain and fear.

But that voice of self-sabotage? It’s not going to help you grow. It’s going to keep you small, scared, and helpless.

And you? You deserve more than that. You deserve to experience life fully. To face the discomfort, yes. To overcome the pain, yes. And ultimately to experience joy, meaning and bravery that’s waiting for you, on the other side of fear.

I did it. And you can too. 

“Hold on a minute, Beck … I’ve got questions.”

How long do I have access to the course content?

You have access to the course and any updates I make for as long as the course lives in my space on the internet!

Can I join from anywhere in the world?

Of course! I love the diversity in our community.

What currency is the payment in and do you offer a payment plan?

All prices are in Australian dollars (AUD).

Yes there is a payment plan! 4 x monthly instalments of AUD$137 (total AUD$548).

The payment plan option is slightly higher than the upfront payment option to account for the additional administrative requirements of multiple payments.

Do you offer business strategy coaching?

No, sorry lovely one. The course is designed to transform your money mindset using powerful psychological techniques and concepts. My time in business has taught me that your mindset is the foundation for all abundance coming your way! Business strategy is important, but my programs always focus on my particular zone of genius: psychology. 

Will I have access to you, Beck?

You’ll see my head in every video, and my team and I are available via email should have any questions or tech troubles during the program.

** Please note that I’m unable to provide psychological treatment online and I don’t offer individual therapy consultations.

How is the program delivered?

The course is entirely virtual. All you need is an internet connection, a smart phone, computer or tablet, and your gorgeous self.

When does the program start?

The minute you purchase! The program is self-paced, so you can start whenever you want to.

What is the refund policy?

If uncertainty makes you a little uncomfortable, don’t worry! I get it. My team and I are committed to your growth and want to help you have the best experience possible. We offer a 7-day refund period from the date of purchase for Radical Abundance. 

READY TO for your life of ABUNDANCE?

Join Radical Abundance today.

1 x Upfront Payment

$497 AUD


  • 4 modules of video + audio content (value $2,997)
  • Masterclass: Ease & Flow – Abundance without Burnout (value: $47)
  • Goal-Getter Guide Bundle (value: $59)
  • 67 page interactive workbook (value: $97)
  • 5-day Self-Talk Challenge (value: $197)

TOTAL VALUE: $3,390 +

4 x $137 Monthly Payments

$548 AUD


  • 4 modules of video + audio content (value $2,997)
  • Masterclass: Ease & Flow – Abundance without Burnout (value: $47)
  • Goal-Getter Guide Bundle (value: $59)
  • 67 page interactive workbook (value: $97)
  • 5-day Self-Talk Challenge (value: $197)

TOTAL VALUE: $3,390 +