for Confidence and Courage

A 5-Day Challenge

Transforming your self-talk is some of the most important and meaningful work you’ll ever do reaching your potential in life and business and the impact you’re out to make on the world.

Sure, it’s not a one-off practice, not a set-and-forget recipe, but by taking the step to enter these 5 days of learning and growing, you are making a difference to your mindset, and in doing so, your goals and results.

I’m constantly frustrated by the between-the-lines messages we grow up believing – that to get the best out of ourselves, we need to criticise, reprimand, and attack our efforts. It simply doesn’t work.

If beating up on yourself was effective, you’d be perfect right now! And let’s face it, who is?

It’s time to do it differently.

It’s time for you to give yourself permission to speak encouragingly to yourself. To soften towards yourself. To have gentle conversations that are focused on standing in your truth, when that means you need validation and encouragement, and also when that means not letting yourself settle for less than you are capable of.

Over the 5 days of the challenge, you’ll receive daily audio guidance and interactive worksheets to work through:

1. Cultivating awareness of your self-talk (without awareness of what your mind is saying, you can’t do anything about it)

2. Identifying thought bait and unhelpful stories that are stopping you from reaching your potential

3. How to unhook yourself from thought bait so that you can take ACTION right now

4. Introducing brave and kind conversation between you and yourself

5. Embracing what becomes possible for you now that your self-talk is empowered and encouraging rather than harsh and critical.


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