Dive into a curated collection of transformative courses, books, articles, podcasts, lessons and learnings, all delivered with psychological strategies, science-backed knowledge and a full dose of hard and heart truths.


Science-backed programs to transform paralysis into progress.
Turn fear into freedom. And create boundaries to set you free, not cage you in. Designed to teach you how to overcome self-sabotage, embrace radical courage, and celebrate your inner leadership, get ready to make the coming chapters of your life, the best ones yet.


With my words in your hands, you’ll learn to identify the unhelpful scripts you’ve accepted as your narrative. The inked letters on the page will build a place for you to go, whenever you need a reminder to lean into courage and be kinder to yourself.


Life lessons. Honouring our human experiences. And canape-sized take-aways. Hello Rebecca Ray, The Podcast binds heart and hard truths to create raw, authentic, and unapologetic conversations about what it takes to get unstuck. 

Out of your own way. And to show up for yourself.

Be aware: feelings and intentional action may arise.

Free Resources

Masterclasses, tips, guides, musings, and discussion. 

Learn a little more. These resources exist for when you’re not quite ready to jump into complete transformation via a course just yet. They will help you reframe. Challenge perspectives.
Share vulnerability. And empower change.

Keynotes & Presentations

Have me as a keynote speaker at your next event and give something to your guests that goes beyond fleeting inspiration.
Whether it’s about making the leap into the big scary unknown, tapping into our minds’ potential, or using the past to elevate the future, I am ready to show up, empower, and open up your audience to their inner brilliance. 

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