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Want a little courage and inspiration at your event or on your podcast? I speak on topics that give the audience the confidence to leave their fears at the door and choose authenticity. I speak about the roadblocks that stop entrepreneurs and creators from living bravely and show them how to move in the direction of meaningful, heart-centred living. My contribution to gatherings is a verbal blend that reflects who I am: Real, soft, determined, open, humorous, and compassionate. I come as a human first and psychologist somewhere after that. I’ll leave you  and your audience feeling seen, believed, and understood.



1. Harnessing brain science and boundaries for respectful leadership

We are all leaders. Being a leader means making hard calls … And making hard calls respectfully is essential to culture and it requires exceptional boundary-setting.

2. You’re not here to be acceptable

Getting comfortable with rocking the boat and how to do it without throwing your reputation and relationships overboard




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I regularly present online and in person to collectives of people who want a snapshot of a particular topic. These masterclasses are designed to give your audience the answers they are looking for to re-empower themselves to action towards living into their potential.




1. Heal Your Boundaries

The Path to Personal Empowerment

2. Stop Self-Sabotage

Overcome the #1 Hurdle in reaching Your Potential

3. The Bridge Over Burnout

Finding Ease and Flow in Business

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