Rebecca Ray has an important message that the world needs. Her ability to connect and make the audience feel and understand mental health lays a great foundation to making the change people need and want.

Marco Renai

Director, Men of Business

I found your presentation so mesmerising! Love peeking behind to see the reactions of the audience, too, they were transfixed!

Tim Silverwood

Founder, Take 3 for the Sea

Your were simply brilliant! An amazing balance of professional knowledge and honest-chat-with-a-friend vibes. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us all.


Rebecca In Real Life

Want a little courage and inspiration at your event? I speak on topics that give the audience the confidence to leave their fears at the door and choose authenticity. I speak about the roadblocks that stop people from living bravely and show them how to move in the direction of meaningful, heart-centred living. My contribution to gatherings is a verbal blend that reflects who I am: Real, soft, determined, open, humorous, and compassionate. I come to the stage as a human first, writer second, and psychologist somewhere after that. I’ll leave you feeling seen, believed, understood, and ready to choose brave.

I’m now taking speaking bookings for the second half of 2019 and first half of 2020. Contact me to discuss your requirements.

About me

Rebecca Ray

Longing to seek – and find! – a beautifully expansive, inspired life? You’re in the right place. I’m Dr Rebecca Ray, writer and clinical psychologist. I’m here to support you and guide you and your adventurous heart as you learn, grow and explore the possibilities of the expansive, inspired life you deserve.

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