It Started Off Well …

You’re a little further on from the promises you made to yourself at the beginning.

The beginning of the year. Month. Week. Day. Whenever it was, it was a beginning that you were invested in because something powerful was present: hope.

Hope: the light we move towards in times of change, growth, recovery and healing.  Hope: insulation for the heart and inspiration for the soul.

[ctt template=”2″ link=”HUem5″ via=”no” ]Hope: the light we move towards in times of change, growth, recovery and healing.  Hope: insulation for the heart and inspiration for the soul.[/ctt]

At the beginning, hope was right behind your promises: the ones about habits you wanted to discard and habits you wanted to develop, the ones about levelling up your productivity and phoning your Mum more often, and the ones about getting serious about your savings but also finally doing your Big Brave Thing.

Hope was there at the beginning, cheerleading you forward, feeding you motivation and causing you to question why you’d ever delayed starting in the past.


And Then the Shine Wears off …

But then the next day rolls around and the sunrise isn’t quite as bright. The next week arrives but it has a smell about it that’s distinctly “same old, same old”.

Despite hope and her belief in you at the beginning, not much seems to have changed and you’re looking around for answers but she’s nowhere to be seen.

Please don’t panic if the shine has worn off on the promises you made to yourself. Now is the time for understanding how hope works, not for being hard on yourself.

You see, it’s not that hope is gone. She is never on holiday. It’s simply that it’s not her job to cancel out all the other feelings that come with being human while you pursue the things that are important to you. The feelings will keep happening, because that’s what our emotions do. You have the choice to step away from life until all your feelings are pretty and comfortable and aligned with your goals, and then (in the small number of minutes before they escape your grasp again) take action to try and make life happen the way you want it to. Or you can continue making life happen no matter what your feelings are up to today and see how much further you get.

[ctt template=”2″ link=”aYQqH” via=”no” ]Hope is never on holiday.[/ctt]

An interesting choice that’s yours for the making. But hope can’t do it for you.

What hope will do is keep you in touch with what’s important, as long as you stay connected to her.


Keep Hope Close …

Wondering how on earth you keep holding hands with hope? Try reminding yourself this:

  1. Following through is important. Each promise you make to yourself stands for a certain value you hold close – stay focused on that value and it will help you navigate the discomfort to get to the other side. This is how change happens. This is how we grow.
  2. Everything worthwhile is worthwhile because we overcame the difficulties and challenges to arrive there/complete it/make it through. Easy is overrated and lacking in meaning.
  3. Your strengths are why you’ll get to where you’re going. Remind yourself to see them. Believing in yourself is always a stronger foundation for creating a life worth living and achieving goals than criticising and condemning yourself.
  4. Remind yourself that you can start again as many times as you need to. But please, just make sure you do start again. Hope allows us ‘eventually’. Eventually we get there, by making a series of course corrections and do-overs along the way.

Show up for yourself. Stay with your promises. You could give up or run from it all. But that’s not your way anymore.