Intentional Business: The Experience

Intentional Business: The Transformative Experience for Entrepreneurs is a 7-month group mentoring journey that goes deep into business mindset and strategy so that you can step into your potential and create the life and business of your dreams.

Pick My Brain

“Pick My Brain” sessions are about you and for you. They give you the chance to work with me one-on-one in a laser-focused mentoring format on an issue you’re currently facing and unpack solutions and tactics you can begin implementing immediately.


Radical Abundance: Mastering the Psychology of Money

Radical Abundance: Mastering the Psychology of Money is the course for you if scarcity has you trapped in fear and playing small. Overcome your money blocks and step into the abundance you deserve.

Overcoming Self-Sabotage: from Paralysis to Progress

Overcoming Self-Sabotage: From Paralysis to Progress is for you if you know where you want to go, but you keep tripping yourself up. It will help you replace self-sabotaging habits with self-supporting habits.

Radical Courage: Transforming Fear into Freedom

Radical Courage: Transforming Fear into Freedom is the course for you if you’re ready (or perhaps, not quite ready, but determined!) to take the leap towards your Big Brave Thing, whatever it may be.


Heal Your Boundaries

Heal Your Boundaries: The Path to Personal Empowerment is a transformative masterclass designed to show you the keys to unblocking your capacity to set and keep empowered boundaries. In this masterclass, you’ll discover:

  • The role your unconscious plays in stopping you from setting boundaries (or causing your boundaries to disconnect you from others)
  • Who your Inner Leader is and why you need to be in touch with them every day
  • How to navigate your unconscious and conscious experience to heal your boundaries


  • A 48 minute masterclass with detailed slides (and my head explaining each!)
  • A 19-page interactive workbook to turn what you learn into transformative action

The Bridge over Burnout

The Bridge over Burnout: Finding Ease and Flow in Business is a freeing masterclass designed to help you identify, recover from, and (hopefully) prevent burnout from showing up in your work and business. In this masterclass, you’ll discover:

  • The signs and symptoms of burnout and how they might show up for you
  • The causes of burnout and how to identify them in your own business
  • The steps to recover from burnout
  • How to prevent burnout in the future so that you can step into a sustainable way of working


  • A 40 minute masterclass with detailed slides (and my head explaining each!)
  • A 21-page interactive workbook to turn what you learn into transformative action

Stop Self-Sabotage

Stop Self-Sabotage: Overcome the #1 Hurdle to Reaching Your Potential is a powerful masterclass that will have you reconnecting with self-trust. In this masterclass, you’ll discover:

  • How self-sabotage shows up to block you from doing the things you really want to be doing in your life
  • Why self-sabotage has become your go-to strategy (even though it’s stopping you from creating the life you want)
  • Why it’s not your fault (and what you can do about it!)


  • A 42 minute masterclass with detailed slides (and my head explaining each!)
  • A 19-page interactive workbook to turn what you learn into transformative action


Setting Boundaries

Care for yourself and stop being controlled by others.



Overcome self-sabotage, achieve more, be your best self.

The Art of Self-Kindness

An invitation into the power of being your own best friend.

The Universe Listens to Brave

How you can find courage and how it will change your life.

Be Happy


35 powerful methods for personal growth and well-being.


Wall Calendar + 31 Affirmation Cards

31 beautifully designed, downloadable affirmation cards + 1 undated, printable wall calendar to remind you of courage and goals, every single day of every single month.


  • One downloadable, ready-to-print and undated wall calendar ready for every month from here onwards to be one of honouring your energy, your process, and most importantly, your precious time
  • A set of downloadable, ready-to-print, beautifully designed affirmation cards in muted greys and golds, ready to inspire you at a moment’s notice

Goal-Getter Guide Bundle

3 x action-focused, downloadable guides to cultivate courage, ignite empowerment, and ensure accountability. The bundle covers: values-driven living, goal setting, and intuition-aligned action.


  • 1 x 27-page downloadable, interactive guide titled: Values Directed Living (and my head explaining each!)
  • 1 x 24-page downloadable, interactive guide titled: Goal Setting: Empowered Living for What Matters Most
  • 1 x 36-page downloadable, interactive guide titled: Action and Alignment: Making Your Future Self Proud

Watercolour Quote Collection

This set of 6 printables (A4 size) of my most popular quotes are hand-written in gorgeous watercolour script, ready for the walls of your home or office, or as gifts for loved ones.


  • One set of 6 A4-sized, downloadable quotes in black, hand-painted watercolour, ready to print and hang
  • The set includes my most popular quote of all time: ‘She was never quite ready. But she was brave. And the universe listens to brave‘ + 5 others that have resonated with readers all over the globe and which feature in my books.

Create with Confidence & Courage

This 5-day video series is designed to help you create and put your work out into the world by overcoming the fear of judgement and fickle nature of motivation. The world needs what you’ve got.


  • 30 minutes of training across 5 videos that cover: expanding your comfort zone, how action leads to self-belief, serving your audience, you are not for everyone, and showing up authentically
  • 5 individual, interactive, and beautifully designed worksheets to help you apply what you learn to your own business immediately