I know you’re in there.


I can’t hear you because our Tired, Fearful, Stuck Self is louder than you right now.


I know you’re in there.


But I’m struggling to connect with you because our Tired, Fearful, Stuck self has me convinced of some old stories I’m easily swept away by. You know the ones. The ‘I’m not good enough’ track is always played on repeat.


And while I can’t turn it off, I want to offer you my commitment: Today – at least for today – I’m searching for our truth. I’m releasing the stories designed to shrink us and I’m listening instead for the purpose and meaning and heart of us. 



You, my Strong, Brave, Determined Self, are trying so hard. I see that. You care beyond measure. I see that. You are doing your level best to keep moving in the direction of what will make a meaningful difference to people. I see that.


And you can stop and give yourself space to feel it all. And you can lament that it’s incredibly uncomfortable sometimes. And you can acknowledge that it would be easier to step off the path and float aimlessly for awhile. Like the jellyfish do.


But you’re not a jellyfish. 


And so, your choice is not to float aimlessly (although some may try). It’s a choice to avoid or accept the hard bits.


I know you’ll choose to accept them – eventually. 


Sitting with these feelings allows them to flow within and around you, and eventually pass on by. And once they’ve departed, you’ll continue on – but as a richer version of yourself with more colour and texture to give your work.


Part of your strength is persistence and grit and showing up to what’s important. And I bloody love you for that, because it’s your hand that brings me back to the path.



We are scared because it matters and we are brave because it matters. I hear you, my Strong, Brave, Determined self. I’m listening.