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Welcome to Hello Rebecca Ray, our collective home for courage, growth, and human to human connection. I’m your host, Dr. Rebecca Ray, human, clinical psychologist, author, and educator. I know only too well how fear comparison, and self doubt can stifle your potential. This podcast is all about brave and meaningful living, and how you can make your authentic contribution to the world today. And every day.


Hi, lovely ones. Welcome to episode number 44 of Hello, Rebecca Ray, the podcast. I am very happy to be back with you after a little break from episodes. I’ve had a busy few months to start the year, to say the least well, we’re halfway through the year. So it’s not even a few months. But I’m back with more episodes for you. Today’s episode is short and sweet, because I just wanted to drop into your headphones with a piece of inspiration that I read recently at a keynote presentation I did for a group in the US. This poem is called an ode to quiet courage and the audience of that particular presentation loved it so much that I thought that maybe you might like it as well. So if things have been a little challenging for you recently, perhaps even in the last 18 months, given what the world is facing, then this is for you.


An Ode to Quiet Courage.

This is for you. The ones staying open-hearted in a world that gives us too many reasons to shut down. The ones putting one foot in front of the other when no one else sees how much it hurts to do so the ones in the background who are taking action for change against the tide of masses that prefer to keep doing what they’ve always done.

This is for you.

The ones who are quietly courageous in a culture that tells you to go big or go home. I see you. And I want to remind you that your brave counts even when it’s in secret, and even when no one is there to witness it. Please don’t think that your brave needs to be supersized to write on some invisible scale of courageous acts. Sometimes the most brave you’ll ever be happens in private. These are the times when your courage is present, without being broadcast across social networks without others cheerleading you on every step of the way. And without a celebratory party at the end of it. It’s here because it’s just you with yourself showing up in life as best you can.

Do you see your strength? Do you see the guts it takes you to do what you do? And do you remember to acknowledge yourself for it. being brave is letting go of egos demands and expectations and giving yourself credit for the courage you’re showing that’s unseen. It’s the step outside your comfort zone that matters, not how far you go. And not who’s there for you to prove it to.

Please, quietly courageous ones. Stop for just a moment. Hold your own hand. acknowledge how hard it’s been. Breathe into hope and give yourself credit for how far you’ve come. Remind this scared parts of you that the brave parts of you were here to your power is in your patients and your persistence. It’s in your sensitivity and your substance. I know you’ll keep going as you always have. But I hope you do so with the benefit of backing yourself.

Brave doesn’t need an audience but it’s always stronger when you believe in it for yourself.

That’s for you. Lovely ones.

Thank you so much for listening to Hello Rebecca Ray, the podcast. I hope this little piece of inspiration that I wrote some time ago. But he’s relevant today just as much as ever is something that you can take with you to have a beautiful week to come. I’ll catch you next week for the next episode of Hello Rebecca Ray, the podcast. Lovely ones.

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