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Welcome to Hello Rebecca Ray, our collective home for courage, growth and human to human connection. I’m your host, Dr. Rebecca Ray, human, clinical psychologist, author, and educator. I know only too well how fear, comparison, and self-doubt can stifle your potential. This podcast is all about brave and meaningful living, and how you can make your authentic contribution to the world today and every day.

Lovely ones, welcome to Episode 61 Manifesto for my Sacred Self. This episode is short and sweet. It’s dedicated to how hard you’re trying. It’s a prayer for you to offer yourself when times are challenging like they are now. And you may forget to give yourself credit. It’s a prayer of recognition, self-kindness, gentle encouragement, from you to yourself. I see you. I see how hard you try and how much you give in the failures and frustrations. You find your way through. For the times, I haven’t been what you need. I’m sorry. I hear you. I feel you. I honour you. I know your intentions and your efforts. I see your strengths and your imperfections. I know your wisdoms and your learnings. There have been failures and regrets. And there are parts of you that are bruised from carrying the weight of it. There are things you’re still working on forgiving. I know. I see the parts of you that are scared and the parts of you that are brave. I see the parts of you that are healed and the parts of you that are still healing. I see you practising and growing. I see it all and I accept it all. Without conditions, expectations or judgement. I accept every part of you exactly as you are in this moment. You are entirely enough. I honour the parts of you that are hurting and the parts that want to hide away. And I see you showing up anyway. I honour your goals and dreams. The ones you’ve realised, the ones you grieve for, the ones you’re working on, and the ones you don’t yet know you have. You are so loved by others. I see you and I honour you. I love you.

This prayer. This manifesto for my sacred self is an excerpt from my book The Art of Self-Kindness available at all good bookstores and online retailers. You might want to just listen back to this episode a couple of times to offer this prayer from you to yourself. You deserve it. I’ll catch you very shortly for the next episode of Hello Rebecca Ray.

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