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Welcome to Hello Rebecca Ray, our collective home for courage, growth, and human to human connection. I’m your host, Dr. Rebecca Ray, human, clinical psychologist, author, and educator. I know only too well how fear, comparison, and self-doubt can stifle your potential. This podcast is all about brave and meaningful living, and how you can make your authentic contribution to the world today and everyday.

Hi, lovely ones. Welcome to episode number 74 of Hello, Rebecca Ray. In this episode, we’re going to explore a meditation for being able to be a detective, about your alignment in life and in business. This meditation came about, thanks to a question from one of the participants in my mastermind Intentional Business, who is exploring her alignment in business right now and whether or not she’s serving the people that she really wants to be serving, whether or not she is working on the tasks on a daily basis that she really wants to be doing, and her life as a whole. So I thought I’d share it with you in case it’s helpful. In case you’re in a position where you’re also questioning your own alignment in life and business.

So, the first thing I’d like you to do is if you’re listening to this podcast while you’re at the gym, or while you’re taking your bub for a walk, or while you’re doing housework, then please know that it’s fine to listen to it once through, but come back to it when you’re uninterrupted. And you can sit comfortably with your eyes closed to really focus on the feelings. Because this exercise is far more effective if you do it with your eyes closed in a quiet way where all you can focus on is my voice. So, I want to start off with by taking you to a space where you can identify how alignment feels for you. Now to do that, I want to give you an example of how alignment feels for me. Because sometimes if you’ve been misaligned for quite a long time, you can actually become disconnected from the feelings and get into a place where you’re not sure how it feels anymore. Perhaps because of the amount of time it’s been, since you’ve felt a strong alignment with a particular process in your life. Or perhaps simply because you’ve been struggling for a while, and you’re just not sure how those feelings of contentment feel anymore.

So, I want to explain how alignment feels for me to give you some insight into the way it might feel for you. So, when I’m in a place of alignment, whether it be in a particular life area, or whether it be in business, it feels calm, I feel centred. I feel in control. I feel a sense of easy effort. So, it’s not that I make no effort. It’s that the effort that I do make in the direction of the things that I’m working on comes easily it comes willingly. It feels like I have a rhythmic transaction. That is the amount of output I give out to my business, to my audience, to my life also feels like it comes around back to me as well. It brings me sparks of joy. It feels meaningful. Sometimes it feels wondrous. Things happen that I never expect would happen that are wonderful. And it feels like it just works. So, what I’d like you to do now is to sit comfortably and very gently close your eyes, and go and find that feeling for yourself. So, let’s put business to the side for a moment and just go into your life. And I want you to focus on an area in your life, where you’re feeling aligned and really sink into that feeling. It could be your relationship. It could be your parenting. It could be self-care, maybe friendships or family relationships. Maybe it’s money, spirituality, rest, play, your creativity, your connection with the wider community, personal growth, emotional well-being, or your physical wellbeing. So, I just want you to choose one of those areas where you currently feel aligned in your life and I want you to really sink into that. Notice what it feels like for you to be aligned. Notice how your body feels. Notice how when you’re in a state of alignment, the tension drops out of your shoulders. Your belly rests easy. Your neck may no longer be aching. Your jaw relaxes. Notice how your mind feels when you’re in that state of alignment.

Notice how the focus is available to you. Concentration is there. Creativity simply comes towards you. You don’t have to fight for ideas. Notice that when you’re in a state of alignment, you don’t overthink. You don’t tend to worry about what everyone else is doing. You simply stay in your own lane. Notice what your heart does when you’re in a state of alignment. Notice how it swells. How everything seems meaningful. How you feel connected to your purpose. How your heart reaches outwards, rather than feeling shrunken. How the more aligned you are, the more you have to give others. And then notice your intuition. If you’re anything like me, when I’m in the state of alignment, my intuition doesn’t have much to say. Instead, it’s almost like we’re so in sync that I don’t even notice it’s there, it’s like we’re one in the same heading in the same direction. It’s like swimming with the tide. Notice what your intuition does when you’re in a state of alignment. Now that you’ve got that feeling in the forefront of your mind, now that you know what it feels like across your body, across your mind and across your heart, we’re going to go through the areas of your business as a detective looking for feelings of alignment.

Now these might be the feelings you just described to yourself, or they may be the opposite of those feelings. There is no right or wrong here. It’s simply an information gathering exercise. So it’s really important that you’re not in a place where you’re censoring what comes to your mind or where you’re judging yourself, or where you’re making decisions about what you should be, what you must be, what you have to be doing, what you’re not doing. This isn’t a place of judgement. It’s simply about us looking for strong feelings toward alignment, and strong feelings of being out of alignment to gather data about your current position. Because we can then use that data to assess where you want to be headed next.

So, what I’d like you to do is just take some breaths, continue to sit with your eyes gently closed. Breathe in, one, two, and out, one, two. In one, two, and out, one, two. In one, two, and out, one, two. Okay, now just breathe normally. I want you to think about your audience. That is the people that you serve, who are observing what you’re posting on social media, who might visit your website, who might download your freebies. The people who are receiving the message that you have to give the world. Notice what your relationship with them feels like. Does it feel in alignment? Do you feel connected to your audience? Do you feel like you’re attracting the right people? Do you feel like the people who need to hear your message are the ones who are actually hearing it? Or do you feel like somehow, you’re missing the mark? Notice that.

Now I’d like to you to think about your clients or your customers. These are the people who have transitioned from being audience members to paying you for a particular offer or service or product. How aligned do you feel with your clients or customers? Do you feel like the people who are paying you for what you have to give the world? Are the people that you want to be working with? Are these your ideal clients and customers? Or is there something about them that makes you feel out of alignment? Notice that.

Now, I want you to think about your marketing. These are the activities that you do in your business, to let people know, out there, your audience members, and people who are not yet part of your audience, but need to be that you exist, and that you do what you do in the way that you do it. Think about your activities for marketing and how they feel. Are they aligned with who you are? Do they feel like they come naturally to you? Do they feel like they’re sustainable for your energy? Do they feel like they’re reaching the right people? Or is there something about your marketing activities that feels out of alignment? Just notice that.

Now I want you to think about your sales. This is the way you ask your audience to pay you for goods and services. How does it feel? When you actually ask for the sale, whether that be in text, whether it be directly in a discovery call? Whether it be in an ad? How does it feel? Are you connected to the value that you’re offering your audience? Or is there something about the way you’re going about those sales that it feels out of alignment? Just notice that. Now I want you to think about how you show up for your audience and your customers. As we do so often in business. It might be every time you post on social media, it might be the freebies that you’re creating for them, it might be the podcasts that you’re creating, or the podcasts in which you’re being interviewed. It might be work that you do in the media, it might be making sure that you’re at the right events to be able to connect with your audience and your eventual customers. How do you feel about showing up for them? Are you showing up for them? Or have you shrunken back recently, for some reason, because it’s feeling out of alignment? Notice that.

Now, I want you to think about your systems in your business. These are all the systems that make up the daily operations of your business. How do they feel? Are they working to support you? Are they working to support your team? Do they take things off your plate that need to be taken off your plate? Do they save you time? Do they save you energy? Or is there something about them that’s not working? Or is there somewhere that they’re absent, and are really necessary? What feels in alignment and what feels out of alignment with systems in your business? Notice that. Now I want you to think about your team. If you don’t have a team right now, then I want you to think about how you feel about that. Particularly if you’re in the start-up phase where you’re doing a lot of the tasks yourself, if not all of them. I want you to notice if that feels in alignment, if that feels sustainable for you. If you do have a team, even if it’s just one person that you’ve actually never met, because they’re a virtual assistant, that’s absolutely fine. How do you feel about your team? How’s your connectedness to them? Do they feel connected to you? Are they getting what they need from you? Are you getting what you need from them? How’s your communication? Does it feel in alignment or out of alignment? Notice that.

Now I want you to think about the daily tasks that you do in your business. I have daily tasks that I do every single day like posting on social media, checking in on my mastermind, answering comments on social media, um checking emails and responding to emails, and dealing with the stakeholders in my team. So at the moment, I’m about to launch a book. So there’s daily contact with my publicist, there’s daily contact with my marketing person. And there’s always daily contact with my admin support. So with those daily tasks that you’re doing, how do they feel? Do they feel like they’re a good use of your energy to support the direction that your business is going in? Or do they feel like you’re a hamster on a wheel, and there’s areas of resentment because you wish you didn’t have to do certain tasks on your plate. Notice that.

Now, I want you to think about your visionary tasks. These are the tasks that only you can do. These are the tasks that you can’t outsource in your business. So if you’re a coach, it’s the coaching, only you can do the coaching. If you write like I do, then it’s the writing, no one else can do the writing for me, unfortunately. No one else can do interviews for me, it needs to be me. No one else can write captions for me because I insist on writing that material to make sure that I stay connected to my audience, the same as responding on social media, I manage all my social media because I like to stay connected. So for the visionary tasks in your business, the course creation, the content development, the stuff that you’re doing, how does it feel? Are you working on the right things? Are you actually giving yourself time to work on visionary tasks? Or is there something about this that feels out of alignment, or missing from your day? Notice that.

Now, I want you to think about profile building. Profile building is anything or any activity that you do in your business that helps get your profile out into the world so that more people can find out about you. So it might be things like making use of media opportunities, it might be like keynote speaking events, it might be running masterclasses in other people’s masterminds, anything that allows you to be put in front of someone else’s audience. How do those profile building tasks feel for you? Do they feel in alignment? Do they feel like they’re helping to take you where you want to go? Or is there something that feels that it doesn’t fit? Is there something that feels like, ah, hold on a second, I could really actually be doing more of that, or I should be putting myself out there but I don’t really want to right now. Just notice how it feels.

Now I want you to think about your opt ins or your freebies, these are things that we develop the pieces of valuable content that we develop to be able to shift someone from a particular platform onto an email list, the importance of which is that you’re the only one that owns your email list. Whereas you don’t own Instagram and you don’t own TikTok and you don’t own Facebook, unfortunately. So I want you to think about the pieces of content that you’re putting out there should build an email list, how did they feel? So sometimes what happens is you might create one at the beginning of your business, and it gets a couple of years down the track and you’re still using the same freebie. And what happens then is your audience becomes saturated of that particular topic. It’s not really peeking their interest anymore, so you’re not getting much uptake on it. And perhaps your opt ins need a refresh. Or perhaps you’re using opt ins that are no longer aligned with your business direction because you’ve changed direction. Just notice this. Do your opt ins or your freebies feel in alignment or out of alignment? Now I want you to think about your products and services. How do your products and services the things that people actually pay you for feel? Do they feel like you? Do they excite you? Do they spark joy within you? Do you feel incredibly lucky to be able to invite people into your products and services because you know that these products and services are very helpful to others. Or are you selling things that no longer feel like a good fit for you? Notice the products and services that feel good. And notice the ones that feel outdated. Also notice if there’s a tug on you for products and services that you wish you were offering, but haven’t yet created, because that’s a sign that your alignment wants you to change direction.

Now, I want you to think about your pricing. How do the numbers feel for you. How do you feel when you see the numbers for your products and services on your website? When you see, when you receive the emails from PayPal or stripe or whatever payment platforms that you use, showing you that there’s money coming into your account? How does that money feel? Does it feel like you’re being wildly and valuably compensated for the work that you put out into the world? Or is there resentment there? Is there resentment that you’re over delivering and giving so much of your energy but not getting enough back? Notice that.

Now I want you to think about money management. How does your money feel? Think about bookkeeping. Think about accounting. Think about knowing your numbers at the end of the day. How does it feel? Do you feel in control or do you feel out of control? Is it something you love looking at? Is it something you avoid looking at? Have you got the right people supporting you? Notice where you feel in alignment or out of alignment. Now I want you to think about content production. So for me, content production means episodes like this one, I create podcast episodes, I create social media posts in both image form and then the captions that go with those images. I write newsletters that go out to my email list. And then there’s all the other things that I create that eventually go on to get sold. It might be a podcast that I’m doing for Audible, it might be a book that I’m writing for my publisher, whatever it is, there’s a lot of content production. What is it for you and how does it feel? Do you make time for it? Or are you simply functioning in a reactive way where you get to the beginning of the week and think oh, shit, I don’t have an email newsletter to go out this week, I better just quickly write something. Or ohh I started a podcast but I haven’t posted an episode for six months, because it just became too overwhelming. How does your content production feel? In alignment or out of alignment? Notice that. On that note, I want you to think about how social media feels for you. Unfortunately, perhaps it’s fortunately for you, if you love social media, social media is the way we reach our audiences these days, it’s the way the world works. So how does it feel for you? Do you have social media set up in such a way that feels sustainable? That it feels useful that it supports your business in going in the direction that you want to go? Or is it something that you feel resentful about and overwhelmed by? Notice that.

Now I want you to think about your website, your face to the world, the home where people will go to find more about you. Does your website represent who you are? Might seem like a really simple question. But you’d be surprised how many people set up a website and then make changes in their business that is not reflected on their website. Does your website represent who you are, what you do and how you do it? If I went from your social media profile to your website, would there be consistency visually? If I met you at an event, and you told me about your services, and I went to your website to check them out, would there be a disconnect there? Or would I feel like it was completely consistent and find what I expected? Notice that.

Now I want you to think about giving and charity. Because one of the great things I once heard Chris Harder say this, is when good people make good money, they can do great things. And so one of the things I love about the power of business is that there’s no limit on how much money we can make. Which means there’s no limit on what we can give back if we get to the point where we have sustainable business based on energy and finances. So the way you give through your business, whether it be time volunteering, whether it be contributing resources, or whether it be donations via money, how does it feel? Do you feel in alignment or do you feel out of alignment? Notice that.

And finally, I want you to think about your overall direction and your vision for what’s to come. When you think about the future, where you want to be in 12 months, where you want to be in three years, where you want to be in five years. How does it feel? Are you excited about it? Does it spark joy? Does it make you want to jump out of bed in the morning? Or does it make you think, hmm, I’ve kind of got myself into a situation here where I don’t love what I’m doing. Look for alignment, look for feelings of being out of alignment, and notice. I want you to just take a moment now and sit with these feelings. Take some breaths. And thank yourself for your willingness to be the observer of your experience. And for giving yourself these moments to check in on your relationship with your business. You’d be surprised how many people are just hamsters on a wheel in their business, rather than a visionary directing where their business is headed.

Now this is valuable data, the data that you’ve gathered today is incredibly important. So what I’d like you to do now is when you feel ready, just very gently open your eyes and bring your attention back to wherever you are. And I want you to take the information that you’ve gathered from this podcast episode and translate it into real life action. And the way I want you to do that, because I don’t expect you to remember the list of things that we just went through about your business is to go to in numbers, and find the list, which will be there in the show notes. And I want you to make ratings for right now, today, where you’re at. A is for aligned, N is for neutral, so you don’t really feel like you’re aligned but you also don’t feel like you’re completely out of alignment. And O is for out of alignment. And then I want you to set a date in your calendar 30 days from now, set a reminder in your calendar for 30 days from now, and check back in. Choose one area to work on and check back in on your ratings in 30 days time. Because the power of this is that quite often when you go away and work on your alignment in one area that alignment actually flows over into other areas as well. So that link again is in numbers, and you’ll find in the show notes, the list of business areas there that I want you to rate. I hope this has been a really useful exercise for you to be able to work out for yourself, how life is feeling and how businesses feeling in terms of your alignment. I’ll catch you very shortly for the next episode of Hello Rebecca Ray.

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List of business areas to rate:

  • Audience
  • Clients/customers
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • How you show up for your audience and customers
  • Systems
  • Team
  • Daily tasks
  • Visionary tasks
  • Profile-building
  • Opt-ins
  • Products
  • Services
  • Pricing
  • Money management
  • Content production
  • Social media
  • Website
  • Giving
  • Direction and excitement for what’s to come