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Hi, lovely ones. I am so excited about this episode because this episode is devoted to introducing you to the most in-depth and transformative program I’ve ever created.

It’s called intentional business, the experience for women entrepreneurs, and just a little heads-up applications open right now for the program.

So if you listen to this episode, and you’re interested and you want to apply for the program, please know that applications close on the 14th of February 2021. And so jump onto my website in

And if you can’t be bothered remembering that I totally get it. Just go to my website, and you’ll see a link for the course, get your application in stat because applications aren’t open for very long.

This is the first time that we’re running the program. And I am so excited because we’re keeping it incredibly intimate so that we can pour our energy time and focus into you to make sure that you get the best results.

But before we dive into exactly what the program is, and its details, I really want to shout out Janine, who left the most beautiful review after listening to the podcast, she said, “it’s a safe place to feel exactly where you are. Rebecca’s podcast is absolutely brilliant. She’s a wonderful down to earth host with a wealth of knowledge. listening to her series on burnout has allowed me to feel compassion for myself, and to remember that I’m not alone in these isolating feelings have and will continue to recommend.”


Thank you so much Janine. reviews like this make a huge difference to podcasts reaching more people. So thank you to every one of you who has taken the time to leave a review for Hello, Rebecca Ray, because it really makes a difference to me. And I’m so incredibly grateful.

So thinking about intentional business, this phenomenal program, I want you to imagine where you’re at. I want you to think about what’s happening for you right now.


Episode 30

Perhaps you’ve taken the leap from your job or your service-based business. And you want to package your wisdom and skills into powerful materials that can make a meaningful difference to many more people, then you can reach one on one.

Maybe you’ve created or are working on creating incredible digital offers that are available to your audience who are eager to learn from you. But if you’re honest, it’s a lot more work than you thought it would be.

Perhaps it’s cost you even more money than you thought it would. And you’re working more hours than you were before. But for less than impressive results.

You’re not sure what you should do next, you’re overwhelmed trying to do and be everything in your business.

You’re lonely without others around you who actually get it who actually know what it’s like.

Sound familiar? If this is you lovely one, then I’m betting that the only thing you’re certain of is that all feels very uncertain, and lonely and overwhelming and exhausting.

You can visualise the life you want to create, you know you can make a difference to others. You’re ready for freedom over your time and your income and your life rhythm. That is how you go about working. You know you want that.

You have the passion. You’ve got the motivation. You’ve got the creativity. And Heck, you try harder than most if you’re anything like the business owners that I work with.

You’re not lacking in any of these things. But the only thing is that the business that you wants to seems out of reach. That is without working even harder than you already are.

I wonder if this feels like you. And I wonder if you can see yourself in any of the next three stages that I’m going to talk about.

Stage One:

Is where you’re starting out, and you’re passionate, but you feel pretty anxious. This is where you’re wanting to package your knowledge and offer it to your audience, but you don’t know where to start.

You’re struggling with structure in your day. And you’re possibly struggling with prioritising your goals as well likely, because there’s so many of them.

Perhaps you’re losing focus, because you don’t have any accountability. Or maybe you’re frustrated that your lack of boundaries or giving others access to your time and energy in an unfiltered way.

And maybe you’re paralysed by the fear of failure, stuck in guilt around money and charging for your work. Goodness knows those money blocks are dangerous in how they limit our progress.

And ultimately, in stage one, you don’t know how to get from here where you are to there where you want to be.

Stage two:

This is where you kind of in the middle and you’re making progress. But you’re overwhelmed and exhausted from the effort that you’ve already put in.

In this stage, I wouldn’t be surprised if perfect is your standard. And you’re getting nothing finished as a result because you keep setting these unrealistic and unattainable expectations.

You’re getting caught up in imposter syndrome, perhaps believing that you don’t deserve the success that you’ve already seen. You’re working harder and not smarter.

You’re spending most of your time working in your business rather than on your business. You’re trying to balance the effort of business with not burning out, you feel overwhelmed by doing all the things, trying to be all the roles in your business. And you’re wondering if you have the energy to scale your business to where you want to go.

Is that you?

And if you don’t identify with stage one or stage two, I wonder if stage three is you.

Stage three:

You’re not getting the results that you want. And you’re questioning if it’s worth it. Perhaps feeling like you’re not good enough that you don’t know enough. And that success won’t happen for you.

You’re probably lacking in support from people who actually get it. You’re assuming that everyone else knows some secret to success. But you missed the memo on that one.

You’re questioning if all the effort you’ve put in up until now is even worth it. And you’re wondering if your dreams and goals and the life you’re trying to create will ever actually happen.

If I’m describing you lovely one, then intentional business is for you. Intentional business is the space that the mentoring capital that you need. But what is it?

Great question. And I hope you’re asking it at this time in the podcast, intentional business. The experience for women entrepreneurs is a 12 week mentoring container to take you from where you are in business and where you are in life to where you dream of being.

This intimate and personal experience is delivered live. And it offers you the support you need to pave your path forward in business with confidence and courage.

  • You’ll challenge limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
  • You’ll adopt the mindset you need to not just see your potential, but to make that potential your reality.
  • And you’ll do it all while being championed by me and my team and guest experts tailored to your needs.
  • The question is though lovely one are you ready and willing to bring to life everything you’re capable of creating.
  • What I’m talking about here is intentional shifts, intentional action, intentional impact and intentional results.
  • The shift you’re about to experience will change everything in your relationship with your business. Goodbye resentment.
  • It will change how you look after yourself while making a difference to your people. See you later burnout. It will change the confusion you feel about your next steps. Hello clarity
  • And it will change how you lead yourself and your team. Say again, a big hello to focusing forward. And it will change what you say yes to, and more importantly, what you say no to.

It’s about time you arrived empowerment.

The transformation that you’re going to experience, as a result of participating in this phenomenal program looks like this:

  • I’m going to guide you through developing your CEO mindset.
  • We’re going to do that by making over your mindset to lead as the CEO you are.
  • To allow you to see the possibilities and believe in your potential.
  • You’ll discover your authentic voice.
  • You connect with your unique voice and perspective, the one that your audience wants, because it’s yours.
  • You’ll develop empowered boundaries.
  • You’ll set empowered boundaries that support your business goals and the life you’re out to create rather than just giving away your resources in an unfiltered unconcealed unconsidered direction.
  • We’re going to work on money magic, I’m pretty excited about this one will reframe your money blocks to ensure that you value your wisdom and a paid accordingly and that your business is sustainable.
  • We’re also going to step into working smarter rather than harder.
  • You’ll become intentional about your time and energy to make sure that the way you work is sustainable for who you are, the energy you hold and all the other roles you play in life.
  • We’re going to come from a perspective of Zen business, you’ll learn how to get off the results rollercoaster and trust the process.
  • We’re going to amplify your impact, because you will act from a place of inner leadership so that your impact is amplified.
  • And finally, you’re going to step into your unapologetic presence.
  • You’ll shift perfectionism, comparison itis and imposter syndrome, to activate your unapologetic and authentic self as you show up for your audience with exactly what you have to offer them the gifts that only you have.

Now, what’s included in the program? If you find that your interest is piqued? And you’re thinking Beck, come on, get to the inclusions. What do I get? I promise we’re here.

Let’s talk about what’s in the program.

First of all, it’s 12 weeks of us investing in you. So it’s a really small group. And you get access to me, and especially my integrate Leanne who’s kind of like the boss of my life. She does all the systems and strategy in the back end for me.

So while I show up to you and I create the content, she makes it all happen in the background, and you need both to be able to have a sustainable business.

So you’ll have access to both my brain for mindset, and to her brain for systems and strategy for the entire 12 weeks.

You’ll also be taught transformative content by me live. So we’re catching up together live to cover this content. But all sessions are recorded.

So if you can’t attend live for any reason, you can always go back and watch the recording later. That content includes:

  • Possibilities over problems.
  • Confidence over comparisonitis.
  • Boundaries over burnout.
  • Abundance over inadequacy.
  • Intentional over inundated.
  • Resilience over reactivity.

We’re also going to do six implementation sessions. So one of the things that I really noticed for business owners is it’s so easy for you to just fall back in the habit of working in your business rather than on your business.

So throughout the 12 weeks, every second week, we’re going to get together for a live implementation session. And this will help you to show up for accountability and actually do the work.

We’ll join together in a zoom meeting. And we’ll do a couple of hours of focused productivity where you can catch up with me and the other members of the group to actually get the work done.

We’ll also be doing two half-day virtual retreats. The first retreat at the beginning of the programme will help you connect in with the group get to know one another.

And also identify the blocks that are keeping you from the results that you desire will get clarity around your goals and we’ll look at what you need to get the most out of the program at the end of the program.

We’ll be hosting another virtual retreat where we’ll be celebrating your progress. And we’ll be honouring every piece of growth that you made throughout the 12 weeks.

We’ll also be doing live interviews and question and answer sessions. With a whole host of guest experts.

Now, I’ll be completely honest with you lovely ones, I thought we were having about five guest experts. And I’ve kind of gone a little over the top.

Because I got so incredibly excited. And we currently have nine guest experts coming in to offer you as much value as possible.

So we’ve got experts that will take you through their wisdom on things like:

  • Copywriting
  • Profile building
  • Graphic design
  • Audio production
  • Video production
  • Cultural awareness
  • Legalities
  • Bookkeeping
  • Systems and strategy
  • Facebook ads
  • A whole series of other things.

So I am just a tiny bit excited about that. You’ll also have access to an exclusive Facebook community for the duration of the program. And this is where we’ll hang out together.

You, me, Leanne and the other members of the group that allow us to really connect and provide ongoing support on a weekly basis.

You’ll also get all in support. So this is where my energy in particular is going for the next three months, we start towards the end of February. And so you get all of me during that time, please don’t think that you’ll be a number during this program.

You’ll also get a ready-made business family, we are carefully curating the women in this program, so that you all fit together. So he feel alone, now’s the time for you to take a breath, drop your shoulders and relax your jaw because you’ll be alone no longer.

And you’ll also get some bonuses that we’re putting together, you’ll have access to all my courses. And we’ll also be providing you with a list of Online Business Essentials, the tools and software that we use to make sure that business is as efficient and effective and sustainable as possible, as well as a resource list of the mindset tools that I’ll be teaching you throughout the course.

So that everything is in one place and you have easy access to all of it. Like I said, lovely ones, applications are open now for the program . So if you see yourself in the stages that I described earlier, and the inclusions in this program are really standing out as something that could transform your experience of your business.

Please do yourself a favour and invest in you. I promise you, it is the most powerful thing you will ever do for your business, your results, and the life you’re out to create.

This kind of investment is about you understanding that you are your business. And the way you show up in your business determines what kind of impact you can make on the world and on your audience in particular.

I believe in you lovely one.

Now, if it’s for you, go to my website, And you’ll see the link there if you want to go straight there. Then you just need to jump on Instagram and the link is in my bio or you can go to rebecca

I would love to see you in the program. I’ll catch you next Tuesday morning bright and early when Episode 31 of Hello Rebecca Ray drops.

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